ICSOA’s ‘Haq-O-Aman Sath-Sath’ joint Hindi-Urdu Mushaira a great success

By Neena Badhwar

Indian Crescent Society of Australia Inc. (ICSOA) presented a joint Hindi-Urdu Mushaira on July 6, 2019 at Berala Community Centre. Sydney’s local poets joined in with the chief guest poets of the evening – ‘Haq-O-Aman Sath-Sath’ in an inspiring Mushaira plus Kavi Sammelan. Chief guests were the distinguished poets from India and Pakistan – Khushbeer Singh Shaad, Izharul Haq, Prof Rais Alavi and Dr. Rekha Dwedi. Also the occasion was graced by Mr Manish Gupta, Consul General of India Sydney and his wife Nimeesha, Mr S.K. Verma, Consul, Dr G.K. Harinath, Chair Multicultural NSW. Members and founders representing Hindi Samaaj, Anjuman Taraqui-e-Urdu, Urdu International, Bazm-e-Urdu, Urdu Society of Australia and USL School of NSW were also present.

Said Dr. Harinath, “Its really great to see you all celebrating a culture and a literary evening. It really pains me that as the Multicultural NSW Chair when I get told that we are divided as a community. We ought to hold such events to bring harmony and unity.”

Abbas Raza Alvi paid respects to the guests as he called them on stage and welcomed Manish Gupta, new Indian Consul General of Sydney saying that he was proud that his wife was from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh and that definitely the UP culture would have rubbed its influence on the CG. Also present in the audience was Alvi’s teacher, retired Professor R.P. Mathur from Aligarh Muslim university.

Alvi invited poets with lines as his team at ISCOA explained one by one how they contribute to achieve aims of the society: ज़रा चिराग़ जलाओ के रौशनी कम है, कहीं अँधेरे में गुमराह न हो जायें हम…

The ‘Haq-O-Aman Sath-Sath’ Mushaira started with incantations from Quran recited by a young ISCOA member as youth from the association were felicitated by the chief guests. Children who not only speak Urdu but learn to read and write as well at ICSOA and have become quite conversant with Urdu literature.

One young girl Fiza Fatima even read Faiz’s poem ‘Bol’, she said she was impressed by the great poet’s thoughts on freedom – ‘Speak, for your lips are free; Speak, your tongue is still your own; This straight body still is yours; Speak, your life is still your own…’

Rekha Rajvanshi who organized a list of poets from ILASA, ‘Indian Literary and Arts Society of Australia’, some young poets and some older ones who have flourished under her guidance and motivation to write poems, as she read her poem: “चल इस तरह से कुछ, दोस्ती अदा कर लें;  मैं तेरी क़ुरआन पढ़ूँ तू मेरी गीता पढ़ ले; ना तो मंदिर में, न मस्जिद में, न गुरुद्वारे में; किसी ग़रीब के घर जाके कुछ दुआ कर लें.”

Amazing talent was on display that night as people only had to say Irshaad and Mukkarar to what was being read. Thoughts were shared freely and the flow moved from topic to topic: Unity, God, Religion, Life here and back home as the MCs Fasih Uddin Khan and beautiful Iram Rasheed entertained the audience with selection of couplets of choice as they introduced one poet after the other both alternating poets from Hindi and Urdu background. Though we understood each other so well since Urdu and Hindi languages are true sisters with one poet Harmohan Walia read his piece in Punjabi – ‘Rabba’. It was as if we were all united under one roof through the thread of poetry in Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi. There were some serious poets and then at places there were poems that took a humorous tone. One poet read about his silver jubilee marriage anniversary celebration and the wife who is ‘pachpan’ but is trying to look much younger. Another parody was about a student who never ever wants to come back to Australia only because he is happy to be treated like a prince at home whereas all that Australia reminds him of is the sheer hard work and no savings.

Poets were to recite poetry in three minutes each as Fasih said later that it was quite an extensive list of thirty poets. Dr Rekha Dwevdi read her poem on ‘Kashmiri seb’ and remarked that the talent she witnessed here in Sydney and a Mushaira of this scale she has never seen in India even. The length and breadth of thoughts flowed freely on the night with some seasoned writers and some youth who spoke of feelings of love and college times. Whereas older poets were more introspective on themes of God and the unrest that the world is going through. At times nostalgia took over of the old times in India. Local poets who participated were: Dr. Bhawna Kunwar; Rekha Rajvanshi; Dr. Shalja Chaturvedi; Arshad Saeed; Kausar Jamal; Wahab Siddiqui; Shuja Aatif; Virat Nehru; S. Cherry Zia; Shahid Malik Deewana; Tariq Mirza; Zubair; Prageet Kunwar; Neena Badhwar; Zafar Islam; Sadiq Saba; Dr. Prabhat Sinha; Javed Nazar; Vijay Kumar Singh; Amjad Khan, Taufiq Ahmad; Harry Walia; Rehan Alavi and Sadiq Arif.

ICSOA as mentioned by Abbas Alvi that the association was formed in 2016 with the aims of: Promoting peace and harmony in the community; Promoting & cultivating multicultural values; Supporting & advocating community needs in Australia and Promote arts & cultural links. “Just in a matter of three years ICSOA has organized 31 events based on literature, health education, community issues and more,” he said, “We also encourage to promote Urdu language to our youth by conducting classes in Urdu.”

It was good to listen to, when finally the wait was over, chief guest poets and their poetry – Khushbir’ Shad’s ‘Mujhe jo dard wirse mein mila hai’; Shafaq Jaffri’s ‘Ama’n O sakun yahi hai’; Abbas Raza Alvi’s ‘Aarzoo hamko jis sawere ki, woh sawera nazar nahiN aata’; Dr. Shabir Haider’s ‘Hamare Khoon se Maqtal sanwar gaya hoga’ and Mohammad Izar UL Haq’s ‘Main apna andaze hukmarani badal raha hoon’ words most appropriate to the theme of the night – Haq-O-Aman Sath Sath. When we talk of peace together, we have the power to achieve it.

The ‘Haq-O-Aman Sath-Sath’ is a brilliant exercise in achieving peace, harmony and unity by encouraging the lofty ideals through literature of both Hindi and Urdu. We look forward to such an excellent initiative by ICSOA. Hope you make it into an annual event.

Pics: Neena Badhwar, Harmohan Walia

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