Gandhi’s bust installed at NSW uni

Gandhi’s bust sits magistically in the NSW University forecourt. Pictures of Dandi march on October 2 as members of the Indian community who proudly took part with children of the Indo-Aus Bal Bharti Hindi School. Consul General Mr. Amit Dasgupta and Mr. Neville Roach conducted the Gandhi Jayanthi celebration.

NSW university installed a bust of Gandhi recently where the vice-chancellor Fred Hilmer said how important it has already become as an important spot where students and visitors come and have their photo taken with it on the library lawns. “The bust with an inscription ”˜an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind’ –   is a relevant reminder of the times today,” Prof Hilmer iterated how the bust of Gandhi  was being unveiled on an important day of Australia ”“ the ”˜Wattle Day’ ”“ the wattle being the first plant to bloom after the bush fires.  He said to the guests, “We have had bushfires in our relations with India to do with students. It is a symbolic day in a somewhat difficult year although I see a lot of light and improvement in recent times as we see rebuilding and restrengthening  our friendship and respect for each other.” He also thanked for the gift of a collection of books to UNSW library by the government of India.

AIBC’ president NSW chapter said, “People and government of India want to see changes in Australia. This amazing gift is Gandhism in its purest form. It’s a lasting symbol of non violence, friendship, cooperation, student collective and immense goodwill.”

Indian students were honoured on the  day as Prashant Mishra received the academic achievement award from the vice chancellor. The NSW university has decided to hold Gandhi Jayanthi celebration on October 2 every year with the first one staging a Dandi march and other cultural items presented by the students of Indo-Aus Bal Bharti Hindi school. Gandhi’s bust has been donated by the government of India to the university and people of NSW.

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