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‘Challenges, Opportunities & Successes’ book launched at the Consulate General of India, Sydney

The coffee table book, “Challenges, Opportunities and Success” – a compilation of 75 Inspirational stories of Indo–Australians by Harmohan Singh Walia was launched on June 30, 2022, at the Consulate General of India, Sydney. The evening was organised by the Vivekananda Cultural Centre in the presence of Consul General Manish Gupta with emphasis on culture, […]

Top Coat hits Sydney Theatre Company

By Vaanie Krishnan Michelle Law’s new body-swap comedy gets a laugh but doesn’t quite achieves its potential. Body swap stories can be traced back to 1882, and in the films that shaped playwright Michelle Law’s adolescence (Freaky Friday, 13 Going on 30), the trope is used to bring to life the age-old saying “to walk […]

Bihar’s first technology-driven aquaponics farm blazes a trail

By Sudhir Kumar Every day the father-son duo would look rather wistfully at their sprawling farmland that yielded little crops and lesser hopes. With the monsoon playing truant repeatedly and the water table depleting alarmingly, they were desperate to make their land productive which was on the cusp of becoming fallow – and a liability. […]

घुटने टेक विश्राम……..            संतराम बजाज

अब मुझे पूरा विशवास हो गया है कि मेरा नाम संतराम बजाज है और मैं किस वर्ष के कौन से महीने में किस दिन पैदा हुआ था| आप सोचेंगे कि मुझे क्या हो गया हैं कि मैं ऐसी बहकी बहकी बातें कर रहा हूँ| तो भई! जब आप से दिन में आठ दस बार यही […]

Swastika: All you need to know about the new Bill passed by the Victorian Government

By Makarand Bhagwat The Victorian Government has just passed Summary Offences Amendment (Nazi Symbol Prohibition) Bill 2022. This amendment is based on a Parliamentary Committee Inquiry into anti-vilification protections. The report was tabled in the Parliament in September 2021 and accepted. There were 36 recommendations made in this report out of which the Victorian Government […]

Spirit of India as a nation

Makarand Paranjape examines the history of India to reveal that it’s spiritual backbone is at the heart of all that it is today The history that we are taught doesn’t always tell the truth. I came to this conclusion in two ways: First, I began to arrive at my own understanding of how history works. […]

Children shatter the gloom of Covid

On a bright, sunny and warm Sunday, children from all over Sydney, representing communities from all over the world, shattered the gloom of Covid which has kept the vibrant Children’s Festival off  the agenda for two and a half years. Children, as young as three, enthusiastically sang, danced, played music, patted farm animals, jumped on […]

Indian migration shows largest increase in number as country of birth in Census 2021

The Census provides a snapshot of the cultures and languages that make up Australia by providing data on cultural diversity, country of birth, ancestry and languages used at home. The 2021 Census found that almost half of Australians have a parent born overseas (48.2 per cent) and the population continues to be drawn from around […]

Census 2021 results show Hinduism in Australia increased by 55.3 per cent

Census 2021 results are out today. Hinduism in Australia has increased by 55.3 per cent at 684,002 people. Hindi language speakers are in 197,132 homes where as Punjabi language has shown the most increase as language spoken at home in 239,033 homes. India (673,352) stands at number 2 after England (927,490) as the country of […]

Ride a bike and help the environment

By Melvin Durai Drivers all over the world are unhappy about the rising price of gas (or petrol). Some have found interesting ways to protest the prices, but none more charmingly than Subhranshu Samal did at his recent wedding in Bhubaneswar, India. As widely reported, the 47-year-old grocery shop owner rode a bicycle to the […]

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