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The taste of Delhi 

By Ritu Ghai The gastronomic glory of Delhi comes from its rich past and mixed culture imbued in every dish served here. Right from Mughlai dishes to North Indian cuisines and street food variety, Delhi has a taste for every palate. The three most popular street food in Delhi are Chole Bhatura, Chaat and Gol […]

Ripe green mango salad

  By Neena Badhwar Everyone is enjoying the heavenly Australian mangoes this summer – Kalypso, R2E2, Kensington Pride, Honey Gold, Palmer, Keitt, Kent, Parvin and Brooks. In India we used to have over 200 varieties of mangoes which included the aromatic Alphonsos, Dooseri and many more. Then there are the Thai green mangoes which one […]

Cricket consumption increasing around the world

By Melvin Durai Cricket is the most popular sport in India, but is there a chance that it could one day become the most popular food, too? Probably not, but don’t be surprised if cricket consumption increases considerably over the next few decades. I’m referring, of course, to the insects known as crickets, those noisy […]

Royal India restaurant celebrates 30 years of food tradition

By Manju Mittal 30 year-old Royal India restaurant in Strathfield, is one of the most famous Indian restaurant in Sydney, its food has been called “most satisfying” by its committed patrons. One of the oldest Indian restaurant in Strathfield that opened in 1987 in Strathfield, by an Indian migrant, Jacob Chacko, this family-owned restaurant is […]

Biryani with Kali Srinivasan

BIRYANI ”“ Theatre, food, live music and a pinch of Bollywood dance 7- 15 July – Upper Burt Hall, St George’s Cathedral, 38 St Georges Terrace, Perth BIRYANI is a unique theatrical and culinary experience combining storytelling, food and live music. International star, from the Palme D’or Winning film Dheepan, Kali Srinivasan, cooks her family’s […]

Honestly, this Pav Bhaji is the best in Sydney

                By Manju Mittal Yes, the best Pav Bhaji in town. This is the first Pav Bhaji Restaurant in Sydney that reminds me of Bombay’s famous Sardar Pav Bhaji inTardeo. Honest is a popular restaurant in Sydney that is fast becoming an Indian joint where people meet over […]

Saravanaa Bhavan arrives in Sydney

                      By Vijay Badhwar Now there is a genuine genuine South Indian restaurant right in the heart of Parramatta, albeit only a short distance from the dhaba belt of Harris Park. Hotel Saravanaa Bhavan, a well-known name in South Indian cuisine in India and on […]

Banana Leaf Thali on a lazy Sunday

Sydney Eats! Indo Lankan Bar Banana Leaf Thali not to be missed! A real banana leaf and on it served   spicy, side dishes like beetroot salad, fried banana chips and fried lemon chillies and steamed rice served with five delicious south Indian curries. On top a serve of rasam, sabudana paisam and a hot […]

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