Honestly, this Pav Bhaji is the best in Sydney

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By Manju Mittal

Yes, the best Pav Bhaji in town. This is the first Pav Bhaji Restaurant in Sydney that reminds me of Bombay’s famous Sardar Pav Bhaji inTardeo. Honest is a popular restaurant in Sydney that is fast becoming an Indian joint where people meet over its famous Pav Bhaji. Owned by Jatinder Naik who has used his skills in recreating the Tardeo gastronomic delight that we all go seek in Mumbai when back home. Naik’s Pav Bhaji is right here in Sydney now for the local convenience if ever we miss this popular street dish of India. Honest Restaurant is situated at a great location, in the heart of Parramatta, at 56, Harris Street, Harris Park, Sydney.

“The word Honest inspired us because that’s the best honest effort we did to make this dish the way it is sold in India. The prefix Indian reflects the diversity of taste in our food, Indian food runs in the genes of our chef,” Naik said, adding, “I am thankful to my team Parag Shah and Jinkal Dhaduk and the Indian community for their support, without my team, there would be nothing”.

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Pav Bhaji is truly a Bombay concoction. It consists of a vegetable preparation of potatoes, carrots, beans all pre- cooked and then refried on a large ”˜tava’ or griddle. A load of butter goes into it while frying. It is served with two leaves of buttered fried bread.

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Honest is the place for those vegetarian food lovers who like traditional food with innovation. Since 2004 the team Honest started to cook their signature dishes including Pav-Bhaji in Campsie, NSW Australia. It was a stepping stone for their brand with the introduction of their signature dish Pav Bhaji in Australia. Gradually, increased demand led to other signature dishes of India.


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The Indian Honest also offers an awesome place for your dream dining. It has a spacious double storey restaurant, which one can hire, first floor hall for private functions and bottom for regular patrons. The restaurant can provide catering service suited to the customer’s demand. Honest Restaurant also have provided many a selfless services or seva to the temples regularly. A menu which has an array of dishes on its list and wide range of Indian cuisine, there are some delightful spicy goodies that Honest proudly offers. Their Golgappas are just spot on. For those with sweet tooth there are special authentic sweets on offer. Service is quite amiable and portions pretty generous and can be shared.

With top class taste, every aspect of their  beautifully garnished dishes the restaurant screams out quality. Offering a diverse and ever changing buffet, a full take away service including delivery within a 3 km radius of Indian Honest has established itself as a local food joint or a jaunt that many have experienced already.

Our only suggestion is to make the Pav Bhaji not using artificial red colours or flavours or the ready made pastes available in plenty in Sydney these days used by Indian caterers for no rhyme or reason. We are sure that Naik’s Pav Bhaji is devoid of these unwanted adultrants.

Though this is a must try for all Pav Bhaji lovers and absolutely lip smacking. Having been a regular at Honest quite a while now, I can definitely say one should not miss this utterly butterly Pav Bhaji. It’s a place where you can enjoy a totally relaxed meal.


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