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An enlightening evening of insights into yoga texts of India

Meet the Guru program is back on @ The Bhakti Tree – Wednesday 8th December 730pm to 830pm – Devamrita Swami will be providing an enlightening evening as he presents insights into the yoga texts of ancient India (the Vedas) – restaurant open for paid buffet dinner from 6pm followed by discourse and Q & […]

Grow your own ginger

Ginger is used extensively in Indian cooking. Geez! we all wonder at the price, the most expensive culinary vegetable which adds so much flavour to Indian curries. And in winter no Indian home will drink tea without the slice of ginger in it. Most housewives discuss the price of ginger where they can find it […]

Within, there is trigger to stop suffering

By Vijay Badhwar It was in 1996, probably, that I went for my first 10-day Vipassana meditation in Blackheath. I had heard about the life-changing meditation from my role model uncle (who died recently from COVID in Detroit). May be it was his memory that drove me to register again for another 10-day course in […]

Message of Swami Vivekananda in times of Corona

By Neena Badhwar Swami Vivekananda was deeply aware of the inequality and injustice that prevailed in the Indian society. Poor in India were in hundreds of millions in the early twentieth century, they still are and now with Corona hitting India in a big way with every day around 250,000 cases are being reported. State […]

Sansar Sufiana: A concert of connection to the innerself

By Neena Badhwar ”˜Sufism, as the mystical dimension of Islam, preaches peace, tolerance and pluralism, while encouraging music as a way of deepening one’s relationship with the Creator.’ Sansar Sufiana on April 9 presented by SCREAN Australia (SAI Creative Arts Network) at Manjit’s Concord Function Centre turned out to be not just an ensemble of […]

Minerals and Trace Elements are essential for a healthy body

By Neena Badhwar When it comes to Chemistry during school years and college, both Organic and Inorganic chemistry intrigued me a lot. But didn’t realise how important it was in my day-to-day life and the body’s health. Chemistry is fully involved in all our biochemical reactions in the body. Forget how we used to separate […]

A pilgrimage to Lumbini, Buddha’s birthplace

By T Selva Anyone who has set foot on the grounds of Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautama Buddha, will instantly feel the aura of a holy place. Whether knowingly or otherwise, visitors bow as a Whether knowingly or otherwise, visitors bow as a mark of respect to the sacred site. Dubbed as one of the […]

GARSHANA ”“ Dry Body Brushing

By Devaki Parthasarathy It is autumn in the Southern hemisphere and spring in the Northern hemisphere. During both these seasons the Kapha Dosha. Kapha represents water and earth and governs our bodies insulation (fat layers) and our protective facilities, like our immune system. Our bodies during this time tend to be imbalanced, and can make us feel sluggish and […]

Learning from Ravana

Ravana lay on the ground, breathing heavily, waiting for death to come. ”˜Quickly,’ said Ram to Lakshman, ”˜go to him and seek out his knowledge. He knew a lot.’ So Lakshman went to Ravana and towering over him said, ”˜I am Lakshman, brother of Ram, who has punished you for your crime of abducting his […]

The Origin of Rules

Animals compete for mates and fight over territory. Humans do not have to. Rules ensure this. Animals do not eat more than they have to. But humans do. Rules prevent this. Long ago, there were no rules. A man called Vena plundered the earth for all its resources. Disgusted, the earth took the form of […]

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