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The power of surrender

After years of surrendering to other people’s authority and power, Ajay Kalra wakes up to surrendering to the Moment Ever since I was a child, I had to deal with power; essentially, my powerlessness and others’ power. I mostly did what I was told, out of fear of punishment and the greed for others approval. […]

Professor Bodeker optimistic about Ayurveda medicines globally accepted

By Kersi Meher-Homji Ayurveda means life and longevity knowledge. It is an alternative medicine system with historic roots in the Indian sub-continent. Therapies include herbal medicines, special diets, meditation and yoga. It was interesting meeting and talking with Ayurveda experts Prof Dennis Chang, Director / Professor of Pharmacology, National Institute of Complementary Medicine (NICM) Health […]

Swastika: All you need to know about the new Bill passed by the Victorian Government

By Makarand Bhagwat The Victorian Government has just passed Summary Offences Amendment (Nazi Symbol Prohibition) Bill 2022. This amendment is based on a Parliamentary Committee Inquiry into anti-vilification protections. The report was tabled in the Parliament in September 2021 and accepted. There were 36 recommendations made in this report out of which the Victorian Government […]

Spirit of India as a nation

Makarand Paranjape examines the history of India to reveal that it’s spiritual backbone is at the heart of all that it is today The history that we are taught doesn’t always tell the truth. I came to this conclusion in two ways: First, I began to arrive at my own understanding of how history works. […]

Divine providence brings Gaurangi the cow to New Gokula Farm during the recent floods

About a month ago during the heavy flooding a cow was swept across the creek into the New Gokula Farm property from a neighbouring farm. The temple saw this as Krishna’s arrangement and decided to call her Gaurangi.  Unbeknown to the devotees she was actually pregnant and a few weeks later she gave birth to this cute […]

Beetroot boosts sporting performance in athletes

It’s the bright-red root veggie more often found in a borsht than a breakfast smoothie, but the humble beetroot could become one of the next go-to foods for athletes as UniSA research shows it can provide a competitive edge when it comes to playing sport. Evaluating the performance effects of foods that are thought to […]

Barah Mah – Twelve seasons described by Guru Nanak Dev ji

Guru Nank Dev ji described nature and human moods, moralizing at the same time, in verses he wrote about the seasons. Him as the observer in tune with the nature, he saw the glory of Lord in play all around him. The twelve months of the year, in Barah Mah, beautiful verses in Punjabi language […]

Saying ‘yes’  to life

  Acceptance of what is, opens us up to the flow of life, knowing that everything that is happening is for the best, says Bharti Briggs Years ago, while on a walk in New York city with an actor friend of mine, he turned to me and asked, “What do you think is the most […]

How to repair fractured relationships

Over time people may be unknowingly doing things that can actually hurt their relationship instead of strengthening it. “It’s important to be aware of our relationship dynamics. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship, but it can be helpful to acknowledge if any of our behaviours or patterns are hurting the people we […]

Nine Forms of Maa Durga: Chaitra Navratri (April 2-11)

The Nine-Day Hindu festival Chaitra Navratri (falls in the months of March-April every year) commenced on April 2 and will end on April 11, 2022. Devotees fast and worship all the nine forms pf Goddess Durga over the nine days of the festival for prosperity and fortune. Here are the many forms of the goddess […]

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