How to repair fractured relationships

Over time people may be unknowingly doing things that can actually hurt their relationship instead of strengthening it. “It’s important to be aware of our relationship dynamics. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship, but it can be helpful to acknowledge if any of our behaviours or patterns are hurting the people we love,: Sara Kuburick, writer and psychotherapist, wrote in her latest instagram post.

Taking relationship for granted is the first step towards damaging it. Over the time, people may be unknowingly doing things that can actually hurt their relationship instead of strengthening it. Not making effort to communicate with each other, having unrealistic expectations from your partner, not respecting your loved one’s boundaries are some relationship mistakes one may regret later. Sara lists ‘things that can harm a relationship’.

Making assumptions: When you start assuming that you already know about what the other person might be feeling or thinking, you omit the scope of communication and deepen your misunderstanding.

Setting unrealistic expectations: Expecting something from others that they can never deliver can be damaging to a relationship. Keeping it realistic and allowing the other person to make mistakes and be themselves on the other hand can strengthen a bond.

Relying on unspoken understanding: Many people say they do not need to say anything to each other as they have an ‘unspoken understanding’. It could be possible that such understanding has fear in its root where one of the partners may not feel secure enough to express freely.

Violating each other’s boundaries: While some people believe there should be no secrets or boundaries between the partners, suffocating each other by not giving space can make a relationship toxic.

Lacking communication: One needs to keep working constantly on a relationship and keep it alive and kicking. The reason you do not feel the need to communicate anymore, may be because your bond is not the same anymore.

Being dishonest: Honesty and trust is the foundation of any relationship and if one is dishonest to a partner for some reason or the other, the relationship cannot last.

This article: Courtesy Hindustan Times.

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