Divine providence brings Gaurangi the cow to New Gokula Farm during the recent floods

Mum Gaurangi with her calf Parikshit

About a month ago during the heavy flooding a cow was swept across the creek into the New Gokula Farm property from a neighbouring farm. The temple saw this as Krishna’s arrangement and decided to call her Gaurangi. 

Unbeknown to the devotees she was actually pregnant and a few weeks later she gave birth to this cute little calf, Parikshit! Previously all of her calves had been taken away for slaughter but now the farm as a cow sanctuary has organised to keep and protect both the mother and the calf. By her good fortune she arrived at New Gokula where cows are protected as they are very dear to Lord Krishna.

Every now and then the farm has visitors volunteering to help. Recently a group of 16 members from the Hunter organic gardening club visited the farm and spent nearly 2 hours planting winter seedlings. They enjoyed the prasadam while having a look around the farm and feeding the cows. Barbara, the president, said they are hoping to return in the springtime.

Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh North Sydney also brought a group of volunteers to the farm to do some service. They helped out in the gardens and with various different services. Sangh, as the organization is popularly known in India, aim to preserve, practice and promote Hindu ideals and cultural values.

GUESTS WANTING TO VISIT THE FARM MUST BOOK ONLINE via our website www.newgokula.com

This booking should be done in ADVANCE, especially for weekends, festival days, long weekends and holiday periods.    

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