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Modi-Yogi juggernaut bulldozes Opposition

By Vijay Badhwar After nearly a year of high drama: rallies, protests and yatras, sloganeering and promises, slandering and disparaging, raids and arrests, (but peaceful, unlike in Bengal!), life will now be boring without it as the results are out in five assembly elections in India, most of them as predicted, but with major repercussions […]

Navjot Singh Sidhu: Facing Googly on a Tottering Pitch

By Sudhir Kumar             As a batsman, he had shown streaks of aggressiveness that earned him the sobriquet ‘Sixer Sidhu’ as he clobbered bowlers from opposition teams with mighty hits over the fence. It was this impetuosity that that helped him score centuries and ciphers alike. Navjot Singh Sidhu, president […]

Calm dawns at J&K horizon

By Vijay Badhwar Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, took his detractors by surprise by successfully holding a meeting on June 24, without agenda, to break ice with 14 Jammu & Kashmir leaders, many among them who had been held in virtual house arrest for significant times since Article 370 was abrogated on August 5, 2019. […]

Amazing record-breakers of Guiness World Records 2020 unveiled!

Sydney, Australia (September 5, 2019): Guinness World Records is ringing in a new decade of amazing feats throughout the globe with today’s release of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2020, providing a sneak peek at some of the incredible record-breakers featured.   Celebrating the latest record-breaking achievements, GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2020 includes thousands of new record titles and […]

Only Modi has the ticker to revoke Article 370

By Vijay Badhwar Only the Modi Government could do this – to revoke Article 370 – a folly that had festered for 70 years, simmered and boiled over in two wars, for no benefit to anyone but a few politicians who brainwashed the simple Kashmiris into hardliners and terrorists to serve their selfish cause. The […]

They’re all the same, including BJP

By Vijay Badhwar Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a nationalist and an idealist. His ”˜Mann ki Baat’, a monthly broadcast on All India Radio, is a popular interaction with people on his thoughts about all aspects of life and nation building, but, it seems, what he preaches falls on deaf ears within his Bharatiya […]

Indian Supreme Court invalidates Triple Talaq

In a landmark decision on August 22, the highest court in India has rendered illegal the oppressive practice of Triple Talaq that discriminated against Muslim women for centuries. It was a split decision (3-2) by a five-judge panel – Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Christian and Parsi, one each from major faiths in India. The court ruled […]

Nirbhaya gets justice atlast !

May 5, 2017. It took five years for Nirbhaya (her real Name Jyoti Singh Pandey) to get justice, the  23-year-old medical student  gang-raped and tortured on a moving bus in Delhi, today when  Supreme Court  confirmed death by gallows for the four convicts. Doctors in a Singapore hospital where Nirbhaya was flown for treatment said […]

Exercise Malabar shadow over Japan-Australia-India Trilateral Dialogue

By Rekha Bhattacharjee Sydney, April 30 (IANS): The Third Japan-Australia-India Trilateral Dialogue meeting between senior representatives from  India,  Japan  and  Australia  has concluded in  Canberra  Saturday  even as the  foreign affairs commentators continue to express doubts over the revival of a wider quadrilateral grouping also involving the  US. The Third Japan-Australia-India Trilateral Dialogue Senior Officials […]

Overhaul of Congress leadership: An idea whose time has come  

  By Rekha Bhattacharjee What has become of our great organisation? Instead of a party that fired the imagination of the masses throughout the length and breadth of India, we have shrunk, losing touch with the toiling millions, said Rajiv Gandhi while addressing the Congress centenary session in Bombay (now Mumbai) on December 28, 1985. […]

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