Royal India restaurant celebrates 30 years of food tradition

By Manju Mittal

30 year-old Royal India restaurant in Strathfield, is one of the most famous Indian restaurant in Sydney, its food has been called “most satisfying” by its committed patrons. One of the oldest Indian restaurant in Strathfield that opened in 1987 in Strathfield, by an Indian migrant, Jacob Chacko, this family-owned restaurant is the longest-surviving eatery in Sydney’s history.  Royal India is famous for its food festivals ”“ from Kerala to Kashmir. Restaurant has held many food festivals almost every single month and has celebrated the culinary delights in order to satisfy its customers. The restaurant has had the honour of catering to the Bollywood celebrities as well as may dignitaries including the now Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

Jacob Chacko is one of the Sydney’s most successful and admired chefs and owner of the Royal India Restaurant. Food has always been Jacob’s passion, he says full of nostalgia, “After nearly 30 years in business will close on June 30, 2017, I am still ambitious, but I am ready for something new, I love the restaurant business, it’s most rewarding”.

The owner’s lovely wife Shirley Jacob adds, “We worked very hard over the 30 years. We have people who have been with us almost since the beginning, they become a family and the hardest part is to say good bye to our customers. You start a restaurant; you become part of the community”.

The pair will take a break and then plan to make a decision on their future. Shirley and Jacob Chacko, both of whom have served their community admirably for decades. Friday 30th June is the last night the restaurant will be open when   they will turn off the lights for good.

We wish Jacob and Shirley all the best and hope that they keep on feeding us Sydneysiders with delicious Indian food.








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