Banana Leaf Thali on a lazy Sunday

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Indo Lankan Bar Banana Leaf Thali not

to be missed!

A real banana leaf and on it served   spicy, side dishes like beetroot salad, fried banana chips and fried lemon chillies and steamed rice served with five delicious south Indian curries. On top a serve of rasam, sabudana paisam and a hot vada sit invitingly on the side.

A special banana leaf thali served on last Sunday of the month at Indo Lankan bar has the place full of people ordering dishes of whatever the patrons fancy from idlis to fish curry, to dosas, uttapam, biryanis, curries , naans and papadams.

A place, day and time not to be missed as a lazy Sunday can turn into a perfect delight for the taste buds. Definitely an authentic Indian food fare that is highly recommended.

Banana Leaf Vegetarian Thali $13.90, last Sunday of the month.

Indo-Lankan Food Bar, 59-61 Boomerang Place, Seven Hills NSW 2147. Ph: 9676 7602.

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