Keep your cool this summer!

Celebrate summer – sun drenched days and starlit nights…

By Devaki Parthasarthy

Fun time is here again as kids dash out to the beaches, holding bucket and spade in hands, lapping on loads of Toledo sun-block lotion and running off in flip flops carefree and happy. After being trapped with indoor activities for months, now it’s the time to break free and bask in the warm sunshine! There’s a burst of activities everywhere. There’s no ignoring summer time! Summer is definitely a strong and commanding season, where it leaves many traces of its presence.

But remember to keep cool this summer. Sweat is a natural response to a rise in body temperature ”“ but can be an embarrassing consequence of feeling the heat. Don’t let sweating make you feel uncomfortable this summer. Here’s a refresher course in how to cheap jerseys keep cool.

Take a cool shower. It’s a great way to chill out fast and keep the air in your home cool too””and considering how wholesale jerseys China quickly you may want to get out of it, a cool shower is also a great way to save water. Also, try throwing some rose water in a spray bottle and give yourself a light misting now and then. It’ll also help cover up your less-than-pleasant summer fragrance au naturale.

Feel freshly bathed all day. Of course, the usual way to keep fresh and cool is to apply anti-perspirant. That’s something you should do daily, topping up with deodorant wipes when necessary. Use anti-perspirant after a bath or shower and you’ll keep that clean, fragrant feeling for longer. Keep a bottle of rose water spray in your bag for that quick fix freshness.

A chilled treat for your feet. Another unusual way to keep your cool is to roll a can of chilled drink under hot, tired feet. It feels gorgeous, especially after a sweaty jog in the park. Running cold water over your wrists or spritzing your face with chilled mineral water are more easy ways to enjoy instant freshness.

Be a fan-atic. Instead of reaching for the AC, consider the much under-rated fan ”“ ceiling, pedestal, box. It uses dramatically less energy than an air conditioner, costs less to buy, is a breeze to install, and cools like a charm. And for you DIY types, there’s always the classic hand fan, made out of the nearest newspaper, magazine, concert brochure, or just the good old junk mail.

Consume the cold stuff. Take advantage of your fridge by filling up some spare bottles with water and keeping them in there. And keep one in the freezer for those extra hot days. Eat small, light meals, and foods high in water content, like fruits & vegetables. Also, don’t you forget the organic website! and homemade ice creams, iced teas and sorbet! In fact salads, raitas, lassis, smoothies fill you up are healthy for you and will keep you hydrated.

Turn off the hot stuff. Switch off your computer and lights when not in use (try to avoid incandescent and halogen lamps in favor of compact florescent ones, and forgo the oven if you can.

Keep it on the down low. Heat rises, so try to stay on lower floors of buildings. If you’ve got a stone or tile floor, wipe it off and lie down on it for a cool respite.

Let in the breeze. Circulate air by opening windows, especially those on the north and south of cheap jerseys your house or apartment. Remember your Y grandma how she laid white sheets, had white laced curtains? White window shades help deflect the sun and promote circulation of fresh and clean air. And don’t forget the wholesale nfl jerseys old-fashioned bamboo blinds. And of course the desi way of drenching some sheets in water (or wash some clothes) and hang them over the windows to let the water evaporate in the breeze, creating a lovely cooling effect.

Pretty cool, eh?

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