Lycamobile launches into Australia

Lycamobile ( is a prepaid SIM card product that provides low-cost, high-quality international calls direct from mobile phones. Lycamobile is already distributed through a European network of more than 300,000 retail outlets. The brand is already the largest pre-pay international MVNO with 6 million customers across Europe. Present in ten markets, Lycamobile continues to grow rapidly with further market launches planned throughout 2011. A new customer joins the Lycamobile family every 5 seconds.
Now Lycamobile enters Australian market by offering following specials:

– Lycamobile celebrates Australian launch by slashing the cost of international calling with ½ ¢ per minute promotion
– Lycamobile to Lycamobile in Australia 0 ¢ per minute
– Lycamobile World offers free calls to Lycamobile subscribers in Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Spain and UK

The Lycamobile prepaid SIM gives Australian consumers the ability to make both international and national calls of the highest quality at the lowest rates ever.

“Our new SIM gives consumers a great alternative to the often overpriced or low-grade international call services currently on offer in the Australian market. With Lycamobile a mobile call to China is cheaper than a call to Canberra, and a phone line to India is as crisp and clear as one to Sydney or Melbourne. Our fantastic ½ ¢ international call rates mean our customers can stay in touch for longer with the most important people in their world,” comments Lycamobile’s CEO Milind Kangle.

Lycamobile customers can also take advantage of Lycamobile World rates and call any other Lycamobile subscriber in Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Spain and UK free of charge for 30 minutes for just 29 cents flag fall, driving down the costs of international calling even further.

Lycamobile, has established itself as the global market leading international prepaid Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) with its latest launch in the Australian market, The International MVNO giant has already acquired over 6 million customers in the European markets that it operates in.

Lycamobile has in place the most advanced and reliable telecoms technology, network partners and customer service team to ensure that it offers the highest standard of service in the market.

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