Katrina Kaif the new item girl

Katrina Kaif in Tees Maar Khan

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Tees Maar Khan to be released Australia-wide on December 24, 2010.

KATRINA KAIF is the latest rage in Bollywood and with her film ‘Tees Maar   Khan’ opposite Akshay Kumar all set for release, all eyes are on her. Recently   the music of her forthcoming film was launched on a train from Mumbai to Lonavala. With the beginning being so innovative and intriguing one can’t help wonder about the impact the movie will have on the box office. Katrina gets talking about her expectations and experience of working with Farah and Akshay.

Q. Is this the first time that you are travelling by a train in India?

I had travelled earlier from Mumbai to a southern city with Kay Kay Menon for an ad shoot. I got to travel again after years but I like train journeys, I enjoy them It’s a nice idea to launch the music of ‘Tees Maar Khan’ in a train. After a while one gets monotonous with all music releases looking the same, where the actors go to the conference room and talk about the movie. This is something different and enjoyable.

Q. How was the experience of working with Farah Khan?

Farah is a great director and she has done an amazing job. I had fun working with the entire team.

Q. You have done an item number for the movie. Do you think this can compete with Munni?

I feel terming the song as an item number is wrong. I would say it is very special to me. I don’t think about the competition, I just put in my best efforts.

Q. The song ”˜Sheela ki Jawaani’ that has you grooving to the beats of Bollywood is one of the main attractions of ”˜ Tees Maar Khan’. Was filming for it a  challenge?

It wasn’t difficult because Farah used to spend a lot of time on sets and she  was quite clear about what she wanted me to do in the song. I just followed her instructions. Farah’s assistant Geeta Kapoor also worked hard to check on the steps. I have done a bit of belly dancing in a new avatar. It will be a treat for the audience. We had a lot of fun shooting the song.

Q. Have you worked out for a size zero figure? How far do you think that  works as a USP of a film?

I don’t think a size zero figure can act as the USP of a movie Moreover, it’s  not about a size zero figure but about a toned and curved body. As an actor you tone your body according to the script requirement and that’s what I have done.

Q.How have you worked on your look for the movie Tees Maar Khan?

I have been given a very different look for the movie. Especially for the song ‘Sheela ki Jawaani’ the styling is quite loud.

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