An Interesting breakfast ”“ from Kerala


Appam ”“ a tasty breakfast served on special occasions like Christmas and Easter is a specialty of Kerala Cuisine. Although the batter for making these soft fluffy pancakes needs to be fermented overnight, there is quick recipe by Chellamma Varikkatt who is visiting her daughter and grandsons in Sydney. Says Chellamma, “You can buy the fine rice flour from Indian outlets and mix it with coconut milk and yeast to ferment it. “ Served with vegetable stew made of boiled potatoes, peas and carrots it is a meal which is light yet it will fill you up for a good brunch. The dish is also called Palappam.”




Fine Rice Flour ”“ 250 gms

Coconut Milk ”“ Two Cups

1 teaspoon of yeast fermented with one table spoon of sugar mixed in lukewarm water. Leave it for 15-20 minutes for yeast to ferment.

One table spoon of semolina ”“ mix it in quarter cup water and put it on light heat and make it into a paste.

Mix above ingredients and make it into watery batter. Leave it for three hours on a warm day or overnight on not so warm days. Add 1/2 spoon salt or to taste.

Stir in three table spoons of sugar or less to taste. Add beaten eggwhite to help make the Appam soft.

Add water and mix well to make it into thin batter. Leave for an hour and start making the Appam pancakes.

There are special non-stick Appam pans (Appa Chatti) sold at Indian outlets which are quite good to make Appams.



Pepper 5-6

Cloves 4-5

Cinnamon Stick 2 inch

Onions ”“ I, sliced

Salt to taste

Green Chilli ”“ 1-2 sliced

Potato ”“ cut into small cubes

Carrot ”“ cut into small cubes

Peas ”“ 50gms

Boil all of the above in thin coconut milk. (Kara Brand coconut milk can be sourced from Indian shops)

Add more thick coconut milk mixed with one tablespoon of plain flour to make the stew thicker.

Add ¼ teaspoon can be added (optional)

Add sprigs of mint leaves when serving with hot Appam.

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