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By Neena Badhwar

Dr. RS Muthukrishnan, a well known Sydney doctor, motivational speaker and trainer of hypnosis,    having trained GPs all across Australia has compiled an impressive book on hypnosis and mind power    titled ”˜Software for Your Soul’.

Says Dr  Muthu  in his book, “During my practice I was able to achieve tremendous results when I used Hypnosis on my patients while treating them. There was a huge difference in how people responded to my treatment with or without Hypnosis.”

Talking about his early college days when Dr  Muthu   was introduced to this powerful clinical tool to shake off a painful experience when his girlfriend left him and he could not get rid of the vacuum left behind. “I did everything possible and positive to fight the pain but was only able to rid off the scar when I did a self-hypnosis session. Hypnosis is the most powerful tool to heal the heart wrenching pain of unrequited love and many marital and relationship problems.

“And having practiced Hypnosis in Australia for the last 30 years I simply treat patients by ”˜suggesting away’ their problems. Diehard smokers stop smoking; alcoholics give up their drinking; drug addicts have walked out of my practice having kicked away their addiction after years of trying various avenues. Migraines, fears, phobias, insomnia, gambling, weight loss ”“ you name it and I have treated them successfully      and many patients across Australia have benefited by this unique modality of treatment. It not only gave me a clinically proven tool to apply in my practice along with conventional medicine, but I have also been able to teach and train practitioners all over Australia who now practise my techniques and swear by the magical benefits of Hypnosis.”

When asked whether Hypnosis carries a stigma and whether people feel intimidated by it that they may be subjected to “hypnotism”  like the magicians do to people during a stage performance, says Dr.  Muthu, “Surprisingly the general Australian public is very well-informed as to the efficacy and benefits of hypnosis, so they readily accept hypnosis when offered, particularly from a medical practitioner. Unfortunately many medical practitioners and psychologists themselves are quite unaware of this powerful modality of treatment. It is true, stage hypnosis is quite daunting, but those subjects who would do all sorts of silly and outlandish acts on stage are ”˜willing subjects’. Nobody can hypnotise you and make you do anything unacceptable or unethical to you. You never lose control under hypnosis. That happens only in movies and novels!”

How can his book on Hypnosis  ”˜Software for Your Soul’ help when there are hundreds of other self-help books available on the market and the success of Rhonda Byrne’s ”˜The Secret’ and the famous American documentary ”˜What the BLEEP Do We Know!?’ have made millions, Dr  Muthu  answers, “I’m glad you raise that question, because that is the central theme of  ”˜Software for Your Soul’.    From the Bible to the Bhagavad Gita,      from ”˜What the Bleeps do we know’ to ”˜The Secret’, the common message is that  ”˜what you think is what you become, your thoughts create your realities. Therefore think positive’. Even with all those the world has not become a utopia as yet.    Positive thinking alone doesn’t make you do what you need to do. Ask any smoker, any drug addict, any underperforming student ”“ they all think positive and yet  cannot get rid of their habits. Habits are addictions, you cannot change addictions by advice, they need to be reprogrammed at the subconscious level. In fact, life itself is a big bundle of many good and bad addictions. Any change can happen only at the subconscious level. Hypnosis works as an operating system to connect your positive thinking into your subconscious which is the powerhouse for positive change and the change happens instantly. That is why the habit of smoking or a spider phobia can be eradicated in one session of hypnotherapy.    Software for your soul does not advise you to change, it just changes you! It may well be on the way to make its millions!

“I am not interested in people’s past. It may come up during our consult but  for me life starts here and now and so does my therapy. I do not believe in letting my patients continue to wallow up in their own miseries and bad memories of the past ”“ I change the direction of their thinking straight into their future and life suddenly becomes brighter than ever,”  says Dr  Muthu.

What about when people wonder, ”˜Why do bad things happen to good people?’

“I say it’s only because there is often a shadow of negativity around the halo of positive thinking. The glow of positive thinking does not always preclude habitually or inherently coexisting shadows of negativity. You cannot expect something positive when your personality is shrieking of grief, negative belief and whole outlook of a loser. You may not know but people sense it.”

Dr.  Muthu  has combined his Indian philosophy and belief system of the concept ”˜I am God’ or ”˜Aham Brahmasmi’ ”“ I Am That ”“ a Vedic Hindu doctrine and explains the principle that the universal energy is the same as individual energy stressing that, “There is no difference between you and God. There is only one Quantum field or the universal field that manifests in us all. I can say with confidence that whatever is possible for God is also possible for you. The infinite power of divinity is within you. With the help of Hypnosis I am able to help you to achieve that possibility by making an inroad into your subconscious and put the seed of positive thoughts that you are the master of your will ”“ not just any but the Divine will.”

“Software to Your Soul not only can help germinate the seed, it also helps you achieve your dreams and live the life you want. You want money, you have the ability to get it only by embedding positive thoughts into your psyche, into your each cell of the body making you the winner all the way ”“ here and now. Not in the near future or when you retire or when you win a lottery but with this tool of Hypnosis that I have tried to sum up in the book with many wonderful and dramatic results that have changed people’s lives in my lifetime of practice,” says Dr  Muthu  with confidence that comes from practicing Hypnosis on himself too not just on his patients.

And what if the hard drive is wrong, the  Software for Your Soul may not work, asks TIDU. “The hardware in this analogy is the intact cognitive ability. Only when the cognitive function is impaired as in the case of many psychoses ”“ bipolar, psychotic depression, schizophrenia etc  software definitely doesn’t work. For hypnosis to work you should be able to communicate with the patient. Traditionally these patients are dismissed as not suitable for hypnotherapy. But my strategy is to treat them medically with pharmacotherapy first, and when certain level of rapport and communication are established and cognitive function returns to normalcy then introduce hypnosis. It works beautifully. It obviates the necessity of long-term drug therapy and the chances of relapse. Schizophrenics are very good example for this method of treatment ”“ after initial drug therapy and subsequent hypnotherapy many of them regain full cognitive of function and assume the normal activities, whatever may be their field of expertise, they can return to normal function. Of course, early diagnosis, drug therapy and early intervention with hypnosis are important and other conditions also do apply. “


The book  Software for Your Soul comes with a CD with two tracks ”“ the first one a 55-minute session with Dr  Muthu  who has put it together quite elaborately that one can immediately feel its effect after just one session. The second track of 25 minutes is a training session in  self-hypnosis, mini hypnosis and instant hypnosis. Dr  Muthu  says that  one should take time to train first for a few days the  self hypnosis routine, and then  the mini hypnosis and finally  instant hypnosis. The self hypnosis is the basis of all the training, once you have done that in the morning you can keep topping it up with instant or mini hypnosis in the course of the day  every now and then when needed    during or after a busy day or work schedule.

“I run the  Kingswood Healing Centre where I have treated many cancer patients who amazingly have lived longer, enjoying better quality of life with no side effects of their chemotherapy such as nausea, vomiting or ongoing pain or depressive and anxiety symptoms.  I also treat carers of these patients with hypnosis, any of you who have involved with caring for such patients will know the extreme agony, stress and pain the carers themselves go through. With hypnosis both patients and their carers have healthy relationships and stress free day-to-day management routine.”

The 55-minute track is recommended for early morning hours when the  body mind soul continuum is totally receptive and helps one to get up to a day raring to go, feeling positive and fresh.  Please do not listen to track one- the 55 min track– just before going to bed or when you’re very tired. There is no harm but you’ll fall asleep and the effect of hypnosis will not be there. Morning time is the best time.  I  recommend that you get up 55 minutes earlier and do self hypnosis and with instant hypnosis during the day when needed. This routine can help you come back home still fresh, full of energy to spend quality time with your family. That is the secret when you download  Software to your Soul in  your day-to-day life  ”“ you have  exuberant health, endless energy, effortless achievements, unlimited joy and total fulfilment of all your dreams and desires.

Software for Your Soul, published by Trafford Publishing,    is    now available    only on line at , , or on 0247366900. It will be available at bookshops like Adyar soon. Recommended retail price $39.95 (including the CD)

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