Be a 10-minute playwright with Alex Broun


Alex Broun took Short + Sweet Play festival to India in November last year and also conducted workshops in three cities this year. He himself got some good ideas to write plays while traveling in India which can be quite a unique experience. Here he is in interview with Shourya Nidhi.

Says Alex, “Abhinay’s worshop last year with me involved Indian community and some wonderful plays came up. The thing about Short + Sweet   is that its not just anglo-celtic view of Australia and that we want to have a broad spectrum of the community to get involved. We want writers not just from Indian community, we want Asian writers, African writers, Middle-Easter writers becasue they all live in Australia now. And to truly represent Sydney or Australia on stage which we don’t often do, its always very anglo-celtic view of the world, we want all those sections of the society to get involved.”

[youtube KavcLV_CwQs]

Says Alex about Abhinay’s upcoming 10-minute play writing workshop in July, “Short + Sweet is actually you. Doesn’t matter if you don’t write in English. If you write in Hindi or Marathi you can enter your play in the   Short + Sweet Play Festival in India.”

Alex explains about his workshop which is a three day intensive weekend where people who have never ever written a play will get not only to write a play but also see their work performed on Sunday night. “You can see your work come to life,” says Alex.

(Abhinay School of Performing of Arts is organising the ten minute play writing workshop with Alex Broun on July 8, 9 and 10   at Shopfront Contemporary arts and performnace 88 Carlton Parade, Carlton, NSW. Contact Aishverya Nidhi on 0488 200 222.   Timings are Friday 6-9 pm Sat/Sunday 10-6pm)

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