Dr. Kalam’s happiest day in life!

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A young Sydney boy Srikar asked Dr. Abdul Kalam   while in Sydney at Hotel Shangri-La what was his happiest day in life to which Dr. Kalam answered that when India launched Satellite Launch Vehicle in space when he was the project director he was very happy.

“When we launched Agni Missile and as it reached successfully its target it was a happy day. And on 11th May 1988 when India became a nuclear weapon state I was happy. Also when the Indian parliament approved 2020 vision it made me happy. We had at that time were working on Agni Missile had discovered a carbon-carbon material which was high strength at high temperatures yet very light. One of my friend who was an orthopaedic doctor asked me to help polio children in his orthopaedic ward. They walked uncomfortably wearing shoes with very heavy calipers that were as heavy as 4.2 kilograms.”

Dr. Kalam said that he was able to make the calipers lighter   for those children who walked with such heavy load besides being handicap, “I was able to lighten their load from 4 kgs to only 400 gms. There were tears in their mothers’ eyes as children walked with on shoes with those light calipers…, I saw them smiling…that was the happiest day of my life.”

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Indian community took an oath as Dr. Kalam asked all to repeat what he said about bringing peace in the world.


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