Sydney supports NDTV greenathon


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NDTV’s Greenathon3 on June 5 was supported wholeheartedly by a program organised by the IABBV Hindi School at Thornleigh Public School Sydney. ‘NDTV Greenathon ”“ Lighting a billion lives’ is an ambitious project launched in India in its effort in going green to save the world’s environment.   Lighting a billion lives aims at providing solar power to villages without electricity. Greenathon – a 24-hour live telecast across NDTV network is a combination of music, entertainment, dances – a fundraising event to bring people together in a spirit to support and donate and make green pledges. In India the initiative gulvanizes celebrities and politicians to come forward to participate   and motivate common people to create awareness about the environment and help promote a greener world.

IABBV school, teachers, children, parents and volunteers presented a green variety entertainment and shouted ‘Greenathon Zindabad’ with great fervour as volunteers of NDTV collected donations from the community members. The NDTV Greenathon3 in Sydney was mobilised by Vish Viswanathan when he suggested one to NDTV’s Sydney anchor Deepti Sachdeva.

And here is how Greenathon ambassador Priyanka Chopra created a greenathon ruckuss when she   and dupatta-clad NDTV VJ   Cyrus Broacha shimmied to Kaif’s Sheila.

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The solar lamps helped improve lives of villagers, children as it helped them to study and extend working hours instead of spending time in total darkness.

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