Astha rapped her way into Sydney Uni Student union


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Astha Rajvanshi – a young Media & Communications   student at Sydney university was unanimously chosen capturing close to 900 votes to become a board director of the Sydney universities’ student union in May. She used media tools to her advantage as she created a couple of raps around her election slogan ”˜ Aastha La Vista’ which became quite popular among her friends who supported her wholeheartedly. The rap on youtube created a huge interest as it got close to 700 views. Astha used her rap ”˜I’ve got 99 problems but Astha ain’t one’ as her election campaign talking about her aspirations about what she would like to do if elected.

Her slogan was ”˜Astha la Vista’ – a catchy trademark says Astha was because, “I tried to put out the message that say ”˜Asta La Vista’ ”“ that is good bye to the old union and say hello to the new one.”

And what was her pitch for the new union, “Oh for example in the past the union mainly concentrated on parties, gigs and events. All what happened before was party, party and party. I said thats enough and lets take a serious   look at uni life and how it affects students. I promised better services such as lockers, storage etc. Then there’s no representation for international students. I promised to form a society for them to help them mingle with local students. Also no one looked at charity at campus before – neither anything for a social justice cause. I saw that there was no help for students who needed basic tutoring. I promised facilitating study groups to help students out in their study. My aim was not to be unrealistic yet give a new makeover to the old union.”

Astha was one of the six candidates elected out of total sixteen who stood for elections. “The race started with 16 and ended up with 10 out of which only six got chosen.”

Astha whose hobbies are writing, reading and obviously thinking deeply on issues all around her, at 19 years, did surprise her family as she quietly worked hard besides studying to achieve what she has achieved.

That uni is not just study or party but definitely something more. That is to make a difference in the life around you.

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