Sant Morari Bapu comes to town for Sri Ram Katha

Pujya Morari Bapu

Sydney community does not have to see their favourite Kathavachak on television screen which they have been doing for years or even go to India to listen to his discourses which some of them have done. Pujya Sant Shri Morari Bapu is personally coming to Sydney to narrate Sri Ram Katha to Sydneysiders in his interesting style   as many of us have watched him on television with great delight. Morari Bapu, as he is lovingly known to his devotees, graces Sydney in September from 17th to 25th, 2011 for a continuous 9-day Ram Katha which he will deliver accompanied by musicians and singers.

Bapu’s unique style of telling Katha promises to create a spiritual vibration and environment as people have been waiting eagerly for his visit to down under for many years. Donations, sponsorships, contributions and inquiries are pouring in from all over Australia where some of the devotees from other states have planned their trips as Sydney becomes the point of pilgrimage for all. Many have volunteered for service including food, garland making and other cultural activities as well. “There is a great enthusiasm in the community as it gearing up for a huge event and we can judge from the response that it will be a great spiritual gathering,” says Jagdish Chawla from the Shri Shiva Temple, who has been working hard to promote ”˜Ram KAtha’ as well has created a beautiful website:

Bapuji, an ardent devotee of Lord Ram, Sitaji, Lakshmanji and Hanuman, will present Sri Ram Katha ”“ the story of the epic Ramayana in Hindi at Whitlam Leisure Centre, Liverpool. His recitation will reverberate the place as devotees flog to listen to the favorite story of Lord Rama. There will be enactments of Ramlila scenes as well in which the community will take part including children.

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Young Moraridas   (Bapuji) started learning the Ramayana at a very young age from his grandfather at the age of five. His Dada ”“ grandfather would teach the young five-year old five ”˜Chopais ”“ couplets’ everyday which he had to memorise with their meaning. The nearest school being 2 kms from home young Morari would recite the couplets to the trees and plants on the way to school and on the way back home. By the age of 12 Bapu had learnt Ram Charit Manas by heart and he delivered his first recital on a platform made of mud with a portrait of Sri Ram to herdsmen in the village. The place is now the famous Mandir known as Ram Vaadi ”“ orchard of Lord Rama. Soon the word spread about young Morari’s knowledge and skills in reciting the Ramayana.

Bapu is an eloquent speaker and draws audiences as he weaves stories of the epic in a simple, comprehensive style sharing anecdotes and keeping all glued to his story-telling by the young and the old. Bapu has traveled worldwide to US, UK, Europe and even delivered his discourses of the katha at Kailash Mansrover in 1997. His melodious voice echos as halls fill up with devotees eager to listen and see him. He shows the way to people connecting his mythological legendary stories to the modern life and how it is still applicable for all to lead a pious and simple life and be happy and content.

Bapu’s entire life is devoted to bring many different branches and sects of religion and faiths to a common ground of undivided understanding, love and unity. He shows a way of uniting not just for any one nation but the entire human race while preserving their individuality. He refers to Ram Katha as a  ”˜prem yagna where people gather in the name of love’ and he calls out to ”˜humanity to love and respect each other’.

Sri Ram Katha by Sant Morari Bapu:

Saturday 17th September to 25th September 2011, Whitlam Leisure Centre, Memorial Drive, Liverpool from 4-6pm on Saturday 17th September and the rest of the days from 10am ”“ 1pm.

Contact Jagdish Chawla 0421 376 384, Ravi Parekh 0408 950 820; Jagdish Trivedi 0400 683 366; Sneh Gupta 0418 415 739; Hari Om Aggarwal 0411 770 402; Kantibhai Gokani 02 9792 1422; Urmila Daya 0430 013 109.

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