Visit AHC Stall at the Fairs and support Hindi as a language subject in schools

 AHC Co-Ordinator, Tarachand Sharma

Tarachand Sharma, Co-ordinator of Australian Hindi Committee (AHC) requests all the local Indian community to join in and support the issue of Hindi Education in Australia. AHC is holding Hindi stalls at CIA’s India Day Fair at Parramatta Park on August 7 and UIA’s India-Australia Friendship Fair 2011 on August 14 at Edwin Flack Ave Sydney Olympic Park. The AHC stalls run by volunteers are looking for support in getting as many signatures from community to help introduce Hindi as a language subject in school curriculum   in an appeal to gather support and drive for inclusion of Hindi in schools.

AHC has uptil now has :

  1. Appealed to ACARA   : Australian Hindi Committee has made submissions to  ACARA (Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority) with the support of over 70 Indian organisations Australia-wide to  immediately include Hindi, India’s national language,  in its first  stage of  Australian  National curriculum.

AHC also appeals to Public that people support the cause of Hindi that is that it should be included in the national language curriculum as a language subject to be offered in schools from primary to HSC. Various ways the Indian community can help AHC in its mission is as follows:

  1. Appeal to public:
  •           Census : Fill in Hindi as a language spoken at home, and Indian  as ancestry in coming Census on August 9.
  •       Schools: Demand Hindi education in schools of their children in  writing to principles and through P& C.
  •       Petition: Sign petition of Australian Hindi committee when emails  come to you.
  •       MPs: Write to your local MPs requesting for Hindi education in  regular school hours and request Hindi included in Australian  national curriculum by ACARA.
  •       AHC: Support Australian Hindi committee to promote the cause of Hindi  education in Australia.

AHC has also appealed to all media ”“ Print, Radio and TV to help promote Hindi  as a subject in the national language curriculum   by ACARA.

3. Appeal to all media :

  •           Please cover this story in your esteemed media ASAP in a forceful way to work towards the cause of Hindi.
  •       Support cause of Hindi education in Australia by coverage through  your media in future. AHC can provide you necessary material.

4. AHC states that:

“We should unite as Indians to support Hindi as a national language subject. Currently no   Indian language, NONE, is in any stage of ACARA plan. If any Indian language has a chance to get up the list of ACARA, I think only Hindi stands a chance, being language of largest number of Indians settled in Australia. “

Says AHC Co-ordinator, Tarachand Sharma, “It is of foremost importance that we get Hindi first into curriculum it being the national language of India.  AHC can help pursue other languages through our experience with ACARA and our database to help people as well to get a chance to get other Indian languages to be included as school curriculum language subjects at later stage. At present number one  priority is Hindi.”

“It is important that we fill in the Census form and for record write Hindi as the language spoken at home and also that our ancestry is Indian which will help us get Hindi language subject into schools. Writing  region as ancestry will not help. If you prefer you may write two ancestries, first Indian and second regional as we all are Indians first and then regional. We need the numbers and Census awareness is important about questions 12, 16 and 18. Carefully answering these questions will help us unite and get what we deserve only because the numbers will tell in the Census results due out later this year.”

Adds Tarachand, “Its a pride that in our fight to get Hindi we have the support of a huge Hindi-speaking local Fijian Indian population who are equally determined to help Hindi get its place in the language curriculum. I am proud that we have a large support base which will help boost our number for Hindi-speaking population  in the coming Census on August – 9.”


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