We are all co-related

Deepak Chopra with his admirers in Sydney

Qiana Irani with Deepak Chopra, relaxed and happy

By Neena Badhwar

I spent an afternoon with modern guru Deepak Chopra for his enlightening three hours on the topic: Healing, Transformation    & Higher Consciousness as part of the event ”˜I can Do It’. Organised by Hay House, the Sydney Convention Centre was full of people brimming with vibrations of universal energy that filled Darling Harbour space which Deepak calls as the ”˜Unified Field’ and when like-minded people congregate in a precinct synergistically creating a great spiritual environment one can only but say and feel ”˜Yes I can do it’.

Deepak said that its’ all part of knowledge revealing itself as time passes. “Yesterday’s miracles are the science of today and today’s miracles may be the science of tomorrow”.

Deepak talked of Body, Mind and Spirit and how to create a transcendental existence by simply being aware. The body, he said, “That it is not real but the real is something else. Body is a process, an activity. The Deepak who came two years ago is not who you see today. He is dead and gone that is if you believe in life after death!”

“Body is recycling all the time with elements from the universe through sensory perceptions and activities such as eating, sleeping, exercising, imagining, thinking, which are constantly changing the body.”

“My travel suitcase has a better shelf life than my body,” He said.

“And what is Mind. Mind is an embodied relational process. There is no mind that exists by itself. Mind is the regulator of flow of energy and information. Today it is possible to monitor thoughts and how they affect our brain. At the current level the information which is being generated has bypassed the knowledge of entire history of human race.”

“And what about the soul? A scientist will ask where is it? Show me. Who is having this thought?    We are always making choices what we want to be in the future. There was one Dr Penfold who is known for his experiments on brain who concluded that the interpreter is the  choicemaker and termed it as the ”˜soul’.”

Deepak said that the scientists have not been able to monitor an in-body experience while a lot of people talk of out-of-body experiences. “Where is this person who is listening to my lecture?”

All the Sufis, sages talk of this huge space”¦a discontinuity”¦anything in the universe is vibration referred to as discontinuity. In all the on-off, on-off there’s this gap when there is no energy, no vibration, no space, no time”¦and there are infinite possibilities. It is the off field of potential, all that was, all that is and all that will be.”

“So everything is co-related in this universe ”“ a synchronicity ”“ it’s an intention field ”“ a place of karma, memory and desire. A silent, self-regulating field of peace connected to everything ”“ ground of your being is the ground of universe. That is the part of you that is real that transcends birth and death beyond space and time. It is immanent, evolves through time but exists beyond time and cannot be destroyed ”“ a great field of potentiality ”“ as Bhagavad Gita says, ”˜You cannot wet it, fire cannot burn it and wind can’t blow it and that it exists beyond time and space. Your body is in your consciousness. You are not in the body but the body is in you. You are not in the universe but the universe is in you.’ Key to healing lies in this principle.”

Deepak quoted poet Rumi who said, “You are not the drop in the ocean but you are the mighty ocean in the drop.”

He went on to explain the three brains ”“ the reptilian ”“ which controls the flight or fight response; the limbic brain that is the emotional response and the cortex ”“ the self-reflective, intuitive, choice making part of the brain. He recommended that we shut off the reptilian brain altogether and switch on the limbic and the cortex for rewiring with the higher consciousness. “People who have best of friends have the best of health. If you have happy friends and they have happy friends and so on and so forth this whole world will be a happy place because we are all connected. Consciousness is a field and when it is disturbed there are ripples all the way through entire collective consciousness. Spend time in happy activities, happy faces, send happy smiley icons, healthy foods, healthy lifestyle habit, yoga, all help your well-being. Support each other and lead a happy existence with like minded friends.”

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Then we all did a meditation together as Deepak asked us to be aware of ourselves, our body, body organs, blood circulation to various regions. It was a relaxing experience as everyone joined in and felt better after the session as Deepak explained what sort of work he is doing with Gallop Foundation and his Chopra Foundation. Deepak was totally relaxed though he did mention quietly to his minder that there was a lecture due in New Zealand the next day while a huge line of people built up for his autographs on his books and CDs people had bought. They also took the opportunity to say hello from close and get a picture taken with their favourite New Age guru who explains things concretely and scientifically yet in layman terms.

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