Parramasala a great cultural feast for all

Sharira: Chandralekha Group


Parramasala  – one of the world’s unique international arts festivals which started last year in Parramatta brought international artists and   colourful cultural traditions of South Asia enriching the historic landscape that is Parramatta with performances that ranged from classical to folk and contemporary. Outdoor event such as Masala markets and Deepavali Fair attracted huge crowds and the Indian community got quite zealously involved in various events.

This year Parramasala promises to be   great fun and has sourced amazing artists from the region.

A feast of exceptional contemporary dance will hit the stage at Parramasala, the annual Australian Festival of South Asian Arts, in a program by world-renowned artists ”“ including Australian premieres by Mavin Khoo with O.S. Arun and by The Chandralekha Group, accompanied by the Gundecha Brothers.

Running from Monday 31 October to Thursday 3 November at the Riverside Theatres and Town Hall Square in Parramatta, the dance component of the festival program features three spectacular productions.

Director of Parramasala, Philip Rolfe said the program will delight a wide range of audiences with four days of diverse, exciting contemporary dance, including both free and accessibly priced, ticketed performances.

“We have some of the world’s most renowned international artists presenting Australian exclusives right in the heart of the city.   The dance program is a concentrated set of unique experiences ”“ ones you can have only in central Parramatta”, he said.

Rolfe continued, “Within the whole Parramasala festival program, you have the chance to listen, see, learn about, experience and importantly, enjoy the cultural richness of a region of the world that is becoming more and more important to us in Australia and our futures.   What you experience is also indicative of the transforming nature of this nation and the embracing of more diversity. The performances and showings at Parramasala are as important to modern Australia as those from our Anglo Celtic and European heritages.”

The acknowledged masterpiece by India’s legendary contemporary choreographer, Chandralekha, performed by The Chandralekha Group from Chennai, is an Australian debut and a highlight of the dance program. Challenging the traditional notions of classical dance in India, Sharira includes contemporary dance, yoga practice, traditional Keralan marital arts and live Dhrupad song and music by the world famous Gundecha Brothers, in a stunning, intimate production at the Riverside Theatre.

Another Australian first is the opportunity to see the brilliant dancer and choreographer, Mavin Khoo, from Malaysia, who is trained in both western contemporary and Indian classical styles. Challenging notions of gender and tradition, Khoo’s original ideas and techniques make him one of the world’s most in-demand artists in his genre. He is accompanied by the master Carnatic musician O.S. Arun and his group from India in his solo dance production, Devi In Absolution, at the Riverside Theatre.

Mavin Khoo


Baul Shilpi singers from Kolkotta will also perform at Parramasala

The outstanding Madhumita Roy Kathak Dance Company from Kolkata will perform on the Outdoor Stage in Church Street, as part of a daily free program of outstanding music, dance and visual delights. This highly regarded dance company, featuring one of India’s most exciting soloists, Madhumita Roy, will combine graceful movement, astonishing footwork, intricate hand gestures and facial expressions in this extremely entertaining form of Indian classical dance.

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Madhumita Roy Kathak Dance Company

When: 31 October 2011, 5:30pm – 6:30pm, and 1 November 2011, 5pm ”“ 6pm

Where: Parramatta ”“ Town Hall Square


Devi In Absolution

When: 1 November 2011, 8pm ”“ 10pm

Where: Parramatta ”“ Riverside Theatres


Sharira ”“ The Chandralekha Group

When: 2 November 2011, 7:30pm- 8:35pm, and 3 November 2011, 7:30pm – 8:35pm

Where: Parramatta ”“ Riverside Theatres


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