Farhan Rocks”¦

Farhan Akhtar

By Neeru Saluja

It all started in the summer of 2001. Fresh out of college, ready to embrace the corporate life and struggling to take the leap of love, he brought all of us 20 something’s an answer. Like a fresh breeze he gave us a reason to love and laugh with his ‘Dil Chahta Hai’. Soon the movie became the talk of the town and ‘Sydney’ the coolest city to live in.

Sooner than later I landed up in the so called ‘coolest city’. A month later I joined the office of the Indian Down Under, and to my surprise I came to know the man who created ‘my college magic’ had set his eyes where I was working for a venue to shoot his film! My excitement levels went up when I realised my editor had actually met him in person and noted the gleam in his young eyes.

Years rolled on and as I got engrossed in the next stage of my life, it was all by chance that I stumbled upon him once again in a film called ‘Luck by Chance’. I was taken aback to see the man behind the scenes as an actor in a full-fledged role. For his debut, he acted is way directly into my heart with his dialogue delivery, fresh look and husky voice. I went to the cinemas to catch a glimpse of my heartthrob Hrithik who was doing a guest appearance but all I could remember was Farhan all the way back home.

Unable to withhold my recent discovery, I shared my latest Bollywood find with my brother. He agreed and informed me of how he has already come in a movie called ‘Rock On’. That film which was in my DVD cabinet for months because I couldn’t recognise any of the actors because of their overgrown beards? The movie turned out to be a surprise package ”“ versatile Farhan is not only an ace director, actor but he can sing too! Once you listen to the songs of Rock On, you will never forget them.

For those of you who don’t know, Farhan Akhtar ”“ the man who rocked into our lives with his impish smile and fresh voice is not only a director and actor, but a producer, playback singer, lyricist, script writer and television host. Blame it on his genes as he is born to famous screenwriters Javed Akhtar and Honey Irani, his grandfather is the famous poet Jan Nisar Akhtar, his sister Zoya Khan is a director and actress Shabana Azmi is his step mother. Farhan is married to Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar, a hairstylist, so know you know where he gets his cool hairdos from.

Though he entered Bollywood at the young age of 17, Farhan made his writing and directorial debut at the age of 27 with ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ which was a big hit amongst the younger generation and won many awards. His next film ‘Lakshya’ didn’t do that well but still won him critical acclaim. There on followed a remake of Don which did well at the box office. Very few people know but he also wrote the lyrics for ‘Bride and Prejudice’. He made his acting debut in 2008 with Rock On which became an instant cult film in metros, soon followed by his sister’s ‘Luck By Chance’. In 2010 he played the lead role in ‘Karthik calling Karthik’ with Deepika Padukone which moderately did well.

In 2011, Farhan once again acted in his sister Zoya Akhtar film ‘Zindagi na Milege Dobara’ where he plays the role of Imraan, a copy writer who is a closet poet. Zoya felt he would know what she exactly wanted from the film, and cast him as Imraan. Once again, Farhan swayed his way into our hearts and his acting became the highlight of the film. The poetry of the son-father duo injected a soul in the film. In the song ‘Senorita’ (which he sang) he even makes the dancing sensation Hrithik Roshan look worn out in front of him!


As a proclaimed ‘Farhan follower’, Farhan’s movies represent the new modern youth of India where the characters evolve during the film. Friendships are strong (reflecting his own upbringing) and visuals are chic and exotic. With a few more movies in the pipeline, Farhan has definitely brought a new wave in Bollywood. As a Bollywood buff, all I have to say is watch out for him!


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