India Club honours community heroes on Diwali dinner

Shubha and Aksheya Kumar

India club this year has planned an excellent Diwali function at the Castle Grande, Pioneer Hall in Castle Hill. There are plenty of entertainment that include dances, best dressed Diwali couple with other interesting surprises in store.

This year India Club has announced the launch of India Club Hero in four categories ”“ 1. Community Campaigner ”“ A person who may have worked actively to help generate solutions to social problems 2. Therapeutic wonder ”“ A person dedicated to enriching health and well-being of society 3.   Safeguarding the planet ”“ A person who has used imaginative and innovative ideas with efforts to care for the environment 4. Cultural & Arts Champion ”“ A person who has made a significant contribution to Art, Culture and Tradition to enhance harmony in our culturally diverse community.

India Club president Shubha Kumar has always worked hard promoting Indian community, its traditions as she herself has contributed quite extensively to community harmony enriching local landscape. India Club now boasts of a growing membership as it holds monthly meetings where many enlightening talks by visiting academics and local experts have been organized. Game of Bridge, early morning Brekky walks and health talks have kept India club members coming for more. India Club is a vision of Shubha and her husband Aksheya Kumar who have tried to create a platform for active retirees  to help interact, meet and foster friendship for healthy aging and support.

Diwali night is India Club’s extravaganza with a delicious Indian feast of entre, mains and sweets in an atmosphere that will rejoice the spirit of Diwali on November 5. Come and join in the fun by calling Shubha on 02 98731207 or 0420 747 080

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