HE Sujatha Singh welcomes Indian cricket team in Canberra


Her Excellency Sujatha Singh welcomes Indian Cricket Team at the Indian High Commission in Yaralumla, Canberra

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HE Sujatha Singh’s welcoming speech for the Indian cricket team

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s speech at the IndianHigh Commission

Indian High Commissioner in Canberra Her Excellency Sujatha Singh on December 17 welcomed the Indian Cricket team amidst thundering applause by all present who came from all over Australia to see their favourite sports stars as she said in her speech while addressing the cricketers led by Mohindra Singh Dhoni, “Since your last tour to Australia so much has happened in Cricket as well as in Australia-India relationship. India won the World Cup, One of India’s great captain Nawab Pataudi returned to teh pavillion, Australia lost to England and we lost to England too – our common enemies.”

“What can I say we have selectors too and mine have given me extended four year stay in Australia to see our boys again. It is not that every High Commisioner who has the privilege of welcoming the Indian Cricket team both at the beginning and end of her tenure. What I can say…” the clapping by the guests kept the gathering alive as people patiently waited to see cricketers from up close and get their autographs for themselves and their family members.

Mrs Sujatha Singh continued, “Over the last four years there have been ups and there have been downs but we have moved on as the relations between the two teams are much better than they have been as far as I can remember. That calls for, yes, Rahul Dravid’s beautiful Don Bradman’s oration. It covered so much ground and so eloquently that I am going to let his words speak for me in Aus-India relations and what cricket means to our country.”

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Rahul Dravid’s oratory speech at the Sir Don Bradman Oration 2011

“As one of my friends’ said it answers the questions left traditionally left floating in the air if only walls could speak. Well, the walls have spoken.”

“It is often said that cricketers are ambassadors for their country. When there is a match to be won sometimes we think that that is an unreasonable demand. After all what do career diplomats do as a result of a test series dependent of them that says walk. Well I am not sure that what the other career diplomats would do, Rahul, I tell you what this particular diplomat would not do – she would not walk.”

Quoting another comment from Rahul’s oration, Sujatha Singh said, “As ties between India and Australia have strengthened we realise that as Indian players we stand for a vast, often unfathomable and endlssly fascinating county. In India cricket is a buzzing, humming, living entity going through a most remarkable current like no other. In this last decade the Indian cricket team represents more than ever before a country we come from –   of people, of vastly different cultures who speak diferent languages, follow different religions belonging to all classes of Indian society. I marvel at the differences and the ability of people from different backgrounds as they share a common dressing room… through the game of cricket…”

Do listen to Rahul Dravid’s excellent speech above about the game of cricket, its future, about cricketers, cricket fans and India as a country.

The evening ended with people mixing and meeting with cricketers and a sumptuous dinner suited for the occasion.


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