Come and see plays by Indians in Short + Sweet 2012, Sydney

Shourya Nidhi


Indian community is forging ahead and making its mark in play writing thanks to the efforts of Abhinay School of Performing Arts. Three short plays ”“ ”˜The Hostage’ by Shourya Nidhi; ”˜Waning Shadows’ by Sukhpreet   Dhamoon and ”˜Rocky II and the Indian Bride’ by Neena Badhwar have made it to Short+Sweet Sydney   Festival being held in Sydney through the months of January and February 2012.

Sukhpreet Dhamoon

Out of 65 Independent Theatre companies (ITC) proposals and 860 script entries three of the plays by Indian writers from Abhinay School of Performing Arts have successfully made it to the top.

The three plays will be produced, cast & directed  by Abhinay School of Performing Arts as an Independent Theatre company. Aishverya Nidhi, President of ASPA said, “It’s a matter of great pride that finally Indian writers, actors and directors are being noticed by the mainstream. Short 10 minute plays are a total new concept for us who are used to seeing theatre of long duration of about 90 minutes and more. Indian community witnessed   11 short plays in Hindi in September as well as in English in July when some of the writers did an extensive three day workshop under Alex Broun, now director of Short + Sweet Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. Alex helped them polish their ideas to crisp 10 minute scripts in which the writers also had their say in casting of actors as well as directing. It helped them find confidence in their work with Abhinay staging the Indian stories with Australian actors. The story told through 10 minute play can be equally interesting and one can see ten different plays unfold in one night. So the audience is pretty involved all through the evening. I am sure that the community will come and support and watch these plays and help them win a spot in the finals of  Short+Sweet,Sydney in February.”

Aishveryaa Nidhi, Artistic Director, Abhinay School of Performing Arts

She added, “We have started to cast actors for the plays and I am sure the community will enjoy and see how the Indian angles of these writers come up against all the mainstream scripts that have made to the festival this year”

Shourya’s ”˜The Hostage’ will be on in Week 9  – Wed Feb 29 ”“ Sun Mar 4, Wed”“Sat 8pm, Sun 5.15pm (02) 9519 5081. Neena’s ”˜Rocky II and the Indian bride’ as part of the Wildcards will be shown in Week 7 Sat Feb 18 ”“ Sun Feb 19 Sat 3pm, Sun 1pm at Newtown Theatre. Sukhpreet’s Waning Shadows has been selected as part of the Wildcards and will be shown in Wildcards 6 from Sat Feb 11 ”“ Sun Feb 12 Sat 3pm, Sun 1pm. All these plays will be presented at King Street theatre at  644 King Street – cnr King + Bray Streets, Newtown NSW 2042. For bookings ring (02) 9519 5081.

Some other plays by Indians that have made to the top are: The Shadows Within by Sonal Moore; Sparkling Effluescence directed by Raj Muneshwar; The Cause   written, acted and directed by Neel Kolhatkar and Jacob Boylan; Let Me In written by Mansoor Noor & Leela Vaghese (QLD) and The Full Moon Café directed by Uma Kali Shakti.

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