What your stars say for 2012

The Indian Down Under brings you what your stars predict for the year 2012 by Sundeep Koachar –   internationally renowned for his predictions and also a TV personality on Zee Television network.


2012 is here. Does it spell the end of the world or a new beginning?

Hear what the stars have to say about you from the celebrity astrologer, Sundeep Koachar himself!

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Aries, Tauraus and Gemini





Aries ”“ Return to harmony

You will feel a desire to prune all that is useless in your life. The location of Jupiter will serve to improve communication with people around you. As the year begins, your focus will quickly shift from play to work. After the 15th of January it will be tough to talk you into doing anything other than putting your nose to the grindstone. You’ll be able to reach your goals more easily, so it will be well worth your time and energy to put everything else aside — for now, at least.

Once March arrives, you’ll be far more interested in taking care of your health and appearance — and you’ll do a great job of it, too. Your role in society strengthens.

By July, you’ll be enjoying a lot of freedom, travel and new experiences. Keep your passport updated and your suitcases packed. The full Moon on August 19th will bring an opportunity  to start a new hobby — the kind that could put you in touch with someone new, exciting and just fiery enough to keep you interested. Don’t pass this one up! Both the hobby and the new person could be exactly what you’ve been waiting for.  The aspects of Jupiter and Saturn in relationships with very close people will create an unstable situation. However, a balanced perspective will help you understand the interests of your partner. It pays to listen to your inner voice and not on your quick whims and fancies to find the love of your life.  Relationships you begin or reinvest in now have unusually high chances of blooming

From mid-April, you can take your love life pretty much anywhere you want it to go. Be bold and you’ll be rewarded. Singles who risk a big romantic move around May 5th or 6th can hardly go wrong, and couples can take their relationship to the next level. If you miss this opportunity, your passionate powers of persuasion are on fire again the weekend of June 10th.

This year, pain means gain. Your main planet, Mars, wakes up the fighting spirit in you and surprises your peers. The second half of the year sees your career sprinting forward.

From the first month of 2012, the material difficulties this year will progress very smoothly. The strong influence of Jupiter, Mars and Mercury will change the ill fates that were following you in the previous year.



Taurus 2012 ”“ Keep it slow to grow

This year you have to erect a strong base to get the support system back into your life. It strongly suggests a major new start that will bring opportunities for growth, happiness and joy. You will also travel, learn, teach and get involved in legal or spiritual matters.

Take things slow. Strike and maintain a balance in whatever you do. Do not go overboard with your emotions. Pennywise you have to be very prudent. Make your finances, investments and other savings as economy proof as possible for long-term gain. Double check everything before signing on the dotted line.

Take care to not allow external forces to permeate your personal relationships. Plenty of time will be spent socializing with friends and family throughout the year. It would be wise to keep a cool head during the turbulent first few months when differences around you may affect your life.

2012 is a great time for those who are interested in starting new business ventures, although, with hard work comes the need for relaxation as well.

Single Taureans may meet the love of their life at a social gathering but care should be taken to proceed with caution in any new relationship.

Starting March you will forget about the previous bad luck and strive towards new relationships. Be ready to sink into the world of passion and romance. A word of caution: test the sincerity and stability of your relationship before you plunge in head first. The question about insincerity will be topical time and again, leading to jealousy and insecurity.

Money will flow in towards the 2nd half of the year. Business deals will be fruitful. The 3rd quarter of the year will be more successful than the first two. Things that were cluttered will now be resolved. Your dreams and goals will be achieved as you gain financially this time.

Be diplomatic with your seniors. They might come in great help in your ventures later. There could be a change in job towards the 2nd quarter of the year.

You can expect a call from overseas by the last quarter of the year. Those in research work or academics can be rewarded with a sudden hike in salary. An overall growth in the professional field starts from the 3rd quarter of the year.  The influence of Jupiter offers you a bigger perspective of life. Use your multi-tasking abilities to the fullest. Some business deals will be signed towards the end of the year leading you to long-term and very successful business relations.

Be prepared for a huge amount of workload.


Gemini ”“ Relationships are crowned


2012 crowns the efforts you launched last year in relationships. Your love is tinted with increased tenderness. Harmony deepens without lessening the intensity.

Since you have a need for someone who turns you on mentally, be open to offers from someone from a different background to your own or someone a bit older and wiser. You may be weighed down with a lot of responsibility, or feel the need to exercise patience and forbearance, for Saturn will be testing the strength of your commitment in relationships.  If you feel your differences are irreparable, you will split forever. However, if love is real, nothing can keep you apart. So hold on to your faith.

End September and the first couple of weeks in October you will need to be objective and practical, for the universe at this time will allow no room for wishful thinking.

As a Gemini, you are that way naturally, but you will have to make a conscious effort to stay that way in trying circumstances.

This should be a very productive year but you need to be careful not to take on too much or spread yourself too thin since you’re likely to be working harder than others realise. Socialising, networking and establishing good relationships are usually an important factor in your work but it’s likely to be even more so now.

In April some exciting development in your career will bring your attention back to the office. It will be a magical moment when much of your previous hard work will culminate into applause and admiration.

The year will start with monetary gains through income raise, promotions, fruitful returns of shares and bonds or property inheritance.  Money matters related to work and home could get a little complicated. Simplify your financial affairs especially with regard to property matters and pause before rushing into extensive repairs, redecoration or renovations in your home. Try and attain a balance in budget and focus on doubling your profits through savings. The year presents you with ripe opportunities in business, so make the most of it.

Family matters can be successfully settled as year progresses. If you have been worried about your mother’s health, or hope to help your father pay bills or balance his check book, you will find solutions finally.

All home and family matters will improve in 2012.


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Cancer, Leo and Virgo


Cancer ”“ Health is your wealth

Efforts of the previous year will bring results in 2012 in all areas of life. Intuition will help you to move in the right direction. You have the chance to be with your special someone and enjoy every moment with him/her.

Your creativity will be at its peak during the first half of the year and make you more resourceful than usual. But Crabs should still be vigilant that this excess energy doesn’t make you too restless and reckless. This is the year in your professional life that will seem like an infinite battlefield.

In the middle of the year, you will begin to work on new projects. Some of them will involve difficulties that will help you to come to terms with new responsibilities. Whatever your current situation, things will change. You will need your creative skills like never before.

Recurring challenges will help strengthen the fighting spirit in you. Expect competition from your fellow workers and also expect to outshine them. This will serve to increase your confidence. Seniors at work will appreciate your efforts and recommend you well in case of job change.

It is also advisable to avoid hostility with your higher ups and steer clear of tension at work. You are bold, determined, highly organized and motivated in achieving what you want.

With an endless supply of drive, you can expect the first three months of 2012 to be extra ordinary. At the same time stress related to employment will build-up as the year progresses.  You will have success in areas related to investigation, research.

Relationships take a backseat as compared to the previous year.  This will allow you to look at the partnership from a new angle. You may look at your partner as your friend who understands you better than others. You may be direct and upfront with your loved one. Venus effects may interfere with your personal life and throw a shadow of mistrust and jealousy too. You may need to put in extra effort to avoid a wall of misunderstanding and alienation. If you are single, the summer of 2012 will give you new opportunities for passionate encounters.

Never assume tough planetary aspects automatically mean you will lose out. They in fact help you take a stand, develop fortitude and show you what’s more important.

This year will be the time to reflect on what you value and show your commitment. The reward is creating a life you want with the people you love. Put off capitalizing on investments until the first half of the year. During the 3rd quarter of 2012, avoid spending on trivial and inconsequential things or you might regret it. Regarding health, you have no concerns.

2012 will see you fighting fit all through.


LEO  – Work takes you far, love brings you close

Leos will find 2012 filled with interesting events and developments. However, there may be sudden, unforeseen obstacles that will block your way from receiving good news. But, fret not! The Lion’s relentless bravery and positive spirit will help you overcome any challenge under the sun.

You will spend the first half of the year polishing up your projects with a sense of urgency. You may want to allow time for a break too, for once you get to the second half of 2012, you won’t have a moment to breathe.

The position of the Sun is favourable, reinforcing energy and zeal. This would enhance your vitality and make you more enthusiastic at work and matters pertaining to your loved ones. You might be caught up playing the generous host.

Leos have a tendency to erupt all too soon. This is helpful at times, but can also go against them. 2012 involves a great amount of family involvement, where you might have to put up with a few relatives with whom you might get into disagreements. In such cases handle the situation with reason rather than getting into combative arguments.

2012 is a year for love, romance and marriage prospects. Memorable moments will sweep you off your feet through the year. February, March is a great time for reunions.

By large, your family and marital life will be peaceful. Relations between children and parents will be loving and cordial. You will be joyful and your magnetic personality will attract a new admirer who will increase your happiness.

Romance will be bumpy in August and September therefore spend some time to nurture it during those months. The success of love life depends much on spending valuable time with each other company. 2012 will be a good time for marriage.

Focus on your savings.  Business deals will be promising. New business opportunities may appear during the middle of the year and likely to fetch you profits. The closing part of the year will be ideal for seeking better professional business pastures. Legal cases related to property may result in gains.

Exercise will help keep health concerns in check. The overall planetary positions for this year   indicates wonderful health for   Leos through most part of the year. From July to September you could face some minor problems related to your chest, eye and stomach briefly. Working women need to watch out for allergies, abdominal aches, and digestive problems.  Change of lifestyle will have a positive effect on health.

Transformation, union in love and career advancements is what 2012 primarily is about.

Virgo ”“ Money makes your world go round

Virgos will finally experience well-earned success and good fortune from highly lucrative opportunities that will present itself through the year.

This will give you strength to develop your projects much faster. In the first few months of the year, you will have to pay attention to your  mental, physical and emotional well-being.  Your focus  till the end of 2012  seems to be on issues around financial security and self-esteem.

Life will be operating at a much faster pace than usual and you will have to act quickly and instinctively!    Work-related problems will consume you throughout the year. Enormous changes may lead to stress. This is not a year to expect work promotions and bonuses, especially, during the first three months.

If you are single, love will knock on your door, with a possibility of love at first sight. Earlier this year, there may be a possibility for you to establish new relationships abroad. During the journey, you will meet people from different backgrounds. The exotic surroundings will enhance the intensity of the new relationship.  You will have many meetings, love will blend with friendship. Beware of jealousy unnecessarily complicating the relationship.

The stars promise a fascinating and favourable 2013 for you, providing the much needed comfort, support, and happiness after a difficult 2012.

Monetary aspect and financial life does not look too good during the first half of the year.  Income will be regular, and you will have the chance to conclude contracts and make lucrative purchases. Merging with new partners will be beneficial. The tools you are finding through your resourcefulness will serve you well in the future. The universe is giving you a cosmic MBA through which you will smarten up, mature faster, and become more adaptable. As they say, it’s ”˜survival of the fittest,” and that means the ones who perform best are those who adapt to a changing environment.

Get to high ground, any way you can. Once there, you can find other options to make money. You can triumph over financial challenges – after all, you are Virgo. As physical activity increases, keep a check on your metabolism. Do not be afraid of losses and stay positive under all circumstances. Remember, the one who gives more, receives more.

Recreational activities and social gatherings will relax you and help you overcome the challenges of 2012.


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Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius


Libra ”“ A whole new world

A whole new life lies before you, but it is critical that you find the courage to embrace it with both hands.

This is a period where you will experience an expansion in work, finances as well as a higher level of expenses. New opportunities will be presented before you. You could find the possibility of marriage or a lasting romance. Existing relationships will move towards commitment. New partnerships could come up.

Your subconscious works overtime to create some disturbance. A calm and balanced outlook will help. Expenses and travel will increase. Losses from errors in judgment can arise. New investments are avoidable, while a tendency for extravagant gifting should be avoided.

A new cycle of growth could arrive after September.   You will be active, inquisitive and ready to open up different channels. You will have ample scope to showcase your creativity and innovation at work.

Family and relationships offer you support and guidance. You will end up spending substantial time with your loved ones and weave new bonds. There might be momentary depression from health and conflicts with friends but all will be quickly resolved. This is an eventful year for love and marital matters. It will commence on a low note but will pick up dramatically after May.

After 14th August, love gets more challenging, bringing mental distance and stress. You might be tempted to take extreme steps but it is advisable to avoid acting in haste.   At times you might want to be in control of your partner and become over-possessive. Try to maintain an emotional balance in both your personal and professional relationships.

The period till early May is marked with high activity and career growth. You will find new opportunities coming in from various sources. October and November will offer novel assignments at work. You must take care to not let the strain get to you. Your associates will be inspired by you and your professional calibre. Expect promotions towards the end of November 2012.   It is also a period of growth in money matters. A new source of income is possible.

Relationships will feel the brunt of this challenging energy, so tread gently. Don’t say anything to a partner in haste or anger, or you may regret it later. Your words will have unusual power, causing deep scars that are not likely to heal soon.

Look after your health, for you’ll be under great strain and pressure as December winds down to a close. Frequent breaks, extra sleep, and nutritious meals will help.

Overall the year starts and ends on a happy note.

Scorpio ”“ New adventures

2012 will be full of energy and you will have a positive outlook through the year. Change is in the air and with it, many new adventures.

The year will bring many opportunities as long as you are flexible enough to receive those. You will be kind and cordial with others. Peace and prosperity will prevail in you which will be evident in every situation.

The first three months will be most favourable and active. Your mental abilities will be appreciated. Creative output will be at an all time high. This period will see you as the knowledge centre for family, friends, as well as those you share your office space with. You will see your stature in career grow while the company or environment in which you work, shall expand with your insights.

The period of high activity will culminate in August. After this period, you can get into new projects with a high level of energy that will yield very good results. Career and finances will be well rewarded. It is a vibrant period so you must make the most of this time till November.

Socially you will gain popularity. Avoid jealousy to hold on to a good relationship. Do not contemplate revenge because this can rock the boat. Be open-minded and optimistic and you will attract people and love through them.

Your warmth will bring much happiness to your family.  You will have to take measures to overcome some financial problems. In business partnerships, doubts could arise between May and November. Keep expectations rational and avoid over judging people.

June onwards you will see a steady rise in your financial commitments. Wasteful expenses and minor losses could come up. You need to make plans conservatively. Do not increase overheads in anticipation. Real estate sale/ purchase should also be planned with care. You may face pressure from competitors. Double check paperwork with care! 2012 promises you profitable returns on mutual funds, shares and bonds. Debts are cleared by September.

Couples committed for a long time will tie the knot. Friends in love will take a step forward and express their emotions. Your sensitivity will open new doors for you. Your ability to attract people will grow leading to social popularity and more romantic trysts. You may also want to move on if your relationship is on rocky ground. Talk it out if possible to mend loose ends.

Health, both physical and mental, will be excellent and you will be relieved from prolonged illness if there was any.  There will be significant changes in your lifestyle by the year end to make 2012 a real winner.



Sagittarius –  Dreams come true

2012 promises to be an exciting year for you with new beginnings and ventures coming up. Those people who are looking for fulfilment of long-cherished wishes and wants will get a ray of hope this year.

During the first three months of the year, you will gain prosper in career and financial ventures. Success at work will be yours until the second quarter, thanks to your efforts and notable achievements at work.  You would be able to take on challenges of 2012 with open arms and handle ups and downs easily. New initiatives will be highly successful.

You will possess and display an energetic and positive attitude in life.  You will enjoy good rapport and understanding with your superiors and you need to be receptive to new ideas from subordinates to infuse life in the projects undertaken. You will receive immense support from friends and well wishers would through the year.

There may be some unforeseen trouble related to finance as well as in your career briefly.  Your presence of mind and hard work will be praise worthy.

A word of caution – you need to ensure you remain on the right side of law since temptation to break the rules could come up on a few occasions. As long as you remain clean in dealings, growth and gains will come rapidly. Change in location or career is a possibility too.

Love grows with your partner. There is strong indication that you will be successful in turning short-term partnerships into a life-long commitment. The initial months of 2012 indicates indication ill health in your life-partner, so proper care of your beloved is advised. You will t attract admirers like a magnet. You will maintain a harmonious relationship with all your friends and family.

You will be recognized for your merits, both by members of the family and society as a whole. You have a friendly nature, and feel very comfortable enjoying group dynamics of different social scenes.

There can be some problems with your maternal relatives towards the end of the year regarding money. There is also the possibility of trouble from enemies and legal problems. So, caution is advised during this period. It will be worthwhile to devote some time to selfless service and do something for society.

Keeping good health will not be difficult for with your positive spirit. It is advisable to avoid overeating and visit a health club regularly to stay fit. This is the year to fulfil your dreams. Overseas travel is indicated so get set for the time of your life. Travelling with dear ones will bring you joy.

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Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Capricorn –  All round excellence

2012 will bring you lots of surprises and well-deserved achievements. You are confident and you use this confidence with the intent to excel.

You will succeed in any business venture that you take on this year.  Gains at times will be more than the efforts you put in. All your goals, long term or short term, will bear fruit this year.

You will experience lot of competition and rivalry at your workplace. Nevertheless, as long as you keep your calm, these situations will breeze by without affecting your career.

Your sharp mind and commitment will have you enjoy academic success.  Ideas of innovation should be developed independently. Some may perceive your confidence as an overly high self-esteem, which may create misunderstanding and jealousy. This is the period when your career will enter high growth and effectiveness. You will truly start getting the rewards of the efforts you put in the last few years.

If you have a rival, don’t let things turn bitter. If your relationship is within transition, spend time and space to create necessary change. Hold back on new schemes and dreams. You might put everything in a project which will take time to mature.

Some of you will have to deal with change in close relations, in either business or pleasure. It helps to be patient and open minded with your loved one to avoid discord.

Consolidating existing love bonds will be very essential in 2012  . This is a time to solve all unresolved issues of the past and stride forth. Try to be patient and reason out your cynicism with optimistic thoughts. Couples can spend quality time together and plan for vacations to recharge and cement the bond.

Expect all debts to be cleared by the first few months of the year. You will benefit from shares and property. If you have been thinking of buying a car, house or any other household goods  then this is the time to invest.   Unusual sources will influence your finance decisions and enterprises.

Your spate of luck this year will free you from stress.

You will be able to maintain good health, vitality and a high energy level. Make the most of life by positive thinking and leisure activities.


Aquarius   –  Look before you leap

2012 will put you in situations where the only way out is spontaneity. The troublesome affairs of last year cease for good, but resisting new ideas and people will only bring the same stagnation back.

Your social life will improve manifold as will your family life.  As you meet new people, you get the scope to learn about new aspects of life.

In the work area, your multi-talents will provide new opportunities for growth, provided you focus more on the important issues. Along with diligence and resolve, you may get to the position that you have been working to achieve. But, even with your talent and abilities you must be cautious with the words you use in your work environment as conflict and tension may arise because of heated discussions.

It is important for you to use your natural communication skills and avoid and disperse negative eventualities. You mustn’t allow your temper to get the better of you.

Joint ventures and new business partnerships are possible which will ensure safe and secure finances.  You need to plan well to avoid miscellaneous expenditure. Take advice from seniors on work.

The planets indicate plenty of money and promotion for you during  the first two quarters of the year. Late April to mid May brings a period where aspiration or ideals will be high but judgement might be a problem or too idealistic. You’ll be attracted to creative or spiritual people or interests. Make certain that individuals you are talking to are worthy though.

Money will be a driving force. It’s time to start working towards important long term goals. Efforts in this direction will reap positive results.  You will find many opportunities approaching simultaneously. It is important to choose wisely. Career will see many political developments and a very high level of diplomacy and a positive approach will be imperative to handle the complex developments, right till end of 2012.

Work may require you to move from your present residential address to a new home. You may also be presented with an opportunity to work overseas. Prior to moving, make sure that all areas are fully considered to avoid any complications in the process.

Caution is advised in love. There is a chance of facing some trying times. Make sure you spend quality time to understand your partner. Avoid discussing family problems with friends and try to sort out conflicts with your own insights. Your devotion and unquestioned love will be rewarded well.

Health is delicate in the first half of the year when acute conditions or unexpected illnesses are possible. Take care to ensure that your health is sound by taking a break from your usual tasks and working out regularly.

Pisces ”“ Unexpected gains


2012 is a good year for long term partnerships. Professional life looks up with rewards and recognition. There could be a fundamental change in relationships t. There will be appreciation from your seniors.

First half of the year is relatively dynamic. You should work hard and get the most out of this period. Any sort of controversy should be avoided with your boss and superiors. 2012 holds great promise in career opportunities. There will be risks and new ventures to give you much pleasure. You would be out of the monotony that had set in to your regular work.

Work will intensify in the third quarter of the year. The pressure might be high but you will enjoy new work targets. There is no denying that you will be rewarded well. Some of you may have difficulties with colleagues from other cities or countries, which may take time to settle.

Others will experience control issues that will cause difficulty in work affairs.   You need to put your priorities into place. You need to re-consider and work on unfinished tasks. Your seniors will notice your hard work this year. New challenges will give scope to new goals and that will in turn translate to new achievements.

Businessmen will slowly head towards expansion or reorganization. You will understand that your former business is no longer profitable, and will explore new opportunities.

The first half of the year is a time to get rid of obsolete problems and active preparatory work, while the 3rd quarter will invite bright perspectives which are to brought to life.

Love life is in full bloom if you are willing to sacrifice for your partner. Somebody close to you could well turn out to be your soul mate.

You will gain much more that is of enduring value by forging a working bond with someone close. If you are in a close relationship, this is often a make-or-break period, while you encounter opposition with the one you love. There might be great conflict or you may pursue different paths. If you cope with such transitions with patience, you’ll come to a better understanding that strengthens your bond.

Some of you may feel that your partner demands more of your time, while others feel the necessity to distance. In either case, work on a mutually agreeable position, and step up to meet the requirements.

Expect a raise in earnings and promotions. Maximum gains in money come from property inheritance this year. Avoid investing in shares and bonds. You clear all outstanding family debts. You may be too busy in building your career but make sure you don’t neglect your family and children. Take care of yourself to pursue a healthy life.

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