Sukhpreet’s ”˜Waning Shadows’ on February 11, 12


Ridwan Hassin and Aishverya Nidhi in ‘Waning Shadows’


Abhinay School of Performing Arts presents  “Waning Shadows’ at the Short + Sweet Theatre Festival 2012. Written by Sukhpreet Dhamoon and directed by Ridwan Hassim in which he also plays a role ‘Waning Shadows’ had won the top spot in ‘Indradhanush’ – a Hindi play festival in September last year on Hindi Divas Day celebrations. Sukhpreet wrote the play after attending Alex Broun’s weekend intensive on short play writing. Ridwan Hassim directs Short+Sweet Sydney 2009 Best Actress nominee Aishveryaa Nidhi, Michelle Demetre and Shourya Nidhi. Music is provided by Kiran Pradhan.

”˜Waning Shadows’ revolves around the lives of a broken family. It depicts the struggles and frustrations of an immigrant family where circumstances and personal egos force the couple to live separately. Even though the protagonists know that the shadows of their lives are waning but neither of them want to be the first one to break the ice and compromise. What steps does their lonely daughter ultimately take to bring her parents together? Does she succeed? Or is there still a twist in the tale? Come and see this play at the Newtown Theatre on February 11, Saturday   at 3pm   and February12, Sunday at 1pm.

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