Balushahi by Mrs Vimla Singh

Mrs Singh 1Mrs Bimla Singh with her famous Balushahi

Mrs Bimla Singh has been feeding us Balushahi for the last thirty years in Sydney and they are so popular that we all asked her for recipe as now she is 80 years old unless the recipe may be left a secret. Singhs came to Australia in the seventies when Mr Raghubir Singh came on a posting of the Indian Tourist office in Sydney as the Regional Director.

So when insisted she finally gave the recipe of this unusual but a very tasty Indian sweet. She says that it took her many years as she tried it dozens of times before it became perfect and has become an essential part of the household during festival days when we all enjoy her perfect Balushahis and so does her family.

Mrs Singh’s Balushahi is so special that it melts in the mouth, soft on the inside and golden brown on the outside are a sweet tooth delight.


Balushahi Ingredients:

1. 300 gms Plain Flour

2. 50 gms Self Raising Flour

3. Baking Powder – 1 teaspoon

4. Ghee – 100gms

4. 1 Table Spoon Yoghurt

5. Warm water

Mix Self Raising and Plain flour and then pour melted butter and mix well. Add yoghurt and mix again. Knead the flour with warm water into soft dough and leave it for one hour covered with a cloth.


1. Sugar: 500 gms

2. Water: 1 and a half cup

Boil the water and and add sugar and make it into ‘one wire’ – ‘ek taar ki chashni’ that is when touched it turns into   a wire between the two fingers when separated.

Process: Knead the dough and make it into small balls and flatten them and press in the middle. Deep fry Balushahi patties, few at a time, in oil or ghee on medium fire. Balushahi should be well cooked from the inside and golden brown from the outside.

Then dip them in the syrup and take them out and leave them in the tray. They can be decorated with pista powder when served.


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