Sydney buzz about Sari!

Akshita Mohan

By Neena Badhwar

May may be the month of Australian Fashion Week yet many of us love Sari. It makes one feel special in every way as compliments not only come from one’s own family and friends but general Aussies too who love the colour, the texture and the whole look of it. They wonder how just a piece of material 6 meters long can turn into such an elegant garment that we all Indians are proud of.

Kulwinder Kaur, a teacher by profession, says, “Sari has retained its special charm and place in my wardrobe despite tough competition from contemporary forms of apparel.     Sari is one of the finest creation which gives a sensuous, caring touch, feminine appeal and above all gives a special sparkle and pride to me of being a woman. I just love it for its aesthetic appearance, timeless appeal which is beyond compare.”

Kulwinder Kaur

Astha Rajvanshi, a 20 year old Media & communication student, loves wearing Sari, “I think that the Sari is a beautiful, elegant and classic Indian garment. By wearing it, our culture and heritage are brought to life through lived and artful representation. For girls and women in the modern day and age, dressing up is twice as fun as we try and navigate our way through the complex folds and pleats! Saris have come a long way from the past, with many new styles, glamorous designs, and different ways of being worn, but they have always remained fashionably traditional in essence.”

Astha Rajvanshi

Akshita Mohan, 20, Bachelor of Design in Fashion, “Wearing a sari for the first time is nothing short of a milestone for a young Indian lady. It signifies tradition, womanhood and beauty in the most enchanting manner. With skinny jeans and mini skirts leading western fashion, the elegance of such a garment can often be lost. However, the sari has been internationally recognised as one of the most flattering garments for the female form, thanks to our Bollywood celebrities wearing it out with pride. Being an Indo-Australian girl I feel a great honour whenever I wear a sari and encourage others to also spread its timeless, cultural beauty.”

Akshita Mohan

Sari has touched many Australians as past state Premier Keneally and MP Virginia Judge flaunted Saris at Indian functions and currently we have seen Julie Owen, Federal Labour MP, wearing Sari quite often. Says Ms Owen, “I had 2 saris in my wardrobe for 20 years but was hesitant to try them on. When I became an MP I decided to wear a Sari to an Indian function and realized how easy it was to put it on. I got so excited after that that I went and bought six more. Now I love wearing Saris and am totally fascinated by them.”

Ms Julie Owens, Federal Labour MP with Her Exellency Sujatha Singh

Shikha Kaushik says, “I believe there is nothing sexier than a women with confidence and to me sari is one distinctive ethnic dress that gives me that confidence. Saris are very feminine and compliment the figure beautifully. No one ever looks bad in a sari.

Shikha Kaushik
“Saris especially display the curves at the right places for a girl like me who has a curvy figure. Saris enhance my beauty and make me look graceful. The other trick behind this is the colour of sari you select. If you are fair-skinned, vibrant hues or green, and if you are dark-skinned, try pastel like lilac and blues . Also not to forget with plenty of embellishment such as mirror or embroidery makes one look in a sari quite elegant and makes them standout in a crowd.
We should be proud of who we are, sari, the traditional Indian dress makes me feel I may live anywhere in this world but my culture is alive in me. The ancient and exotic sari, the traditional dress will remain the most preferred outfit option for many generations to come.”

Well Sydney! Try a Sari on the occasion of the Australian Fashion Week next month and look beautiful!!

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