Vipul’s dream comes true

Vipul Vyas and Druma Mehta

Vipul with Mahkasha Ansari

Shooting for a song sequence

By Neena Badhwar

“Making the film ”˜Pardesh Ek Sapanu’ was a journey of 14 years since when I came to Australia as it has been on my mind for that long to make a film which depicts the stories of our migrant experiences. Although the film took a year and a half to be made the story is all based on what I saw and experienced along with others. I would meet Gujarati students and even members of the community who would say that a foreign country and its image has been portrayed wrong in the minds of people in India. Please Vipulji! do   make a film which depicts ”˜Pardesh’ in true manner,” says Vipul Vyas, director of soon to be released, a first Gujarati movie in Australia ”˜Pardesh Ek Sapanu’, someone who was well known for his work in Gujarati tele serials.

“They would say that they are misled by films like ”˜Salaam Namstey’ and when they come here they realise that life is not all that fun and beach as shown in the film. They wanted me to do a movie which depicts the real videsh. Also I had seen in India that Indian parents were too keen to get their daughters married to boys settled abroad without checking their credentials and then when their daughters were in trouble they felt helpless. All these personal experiences make the story of this film,”says Vipul

“It has been a sheer labour of love with me and   my friends and long time associates who teamed up and I am really happy the way the film has turned out.”

“I am really grateful to the community who helped us in every way. People opened up their homes, restaurants for indoor locations used in the movie which is shot 70 per cent in Australia and the rest in India.”

“My role is of a protaganist who tries to save a girl who has married a boy in Australia but things do not work out between them and I   go to India and tell her parents what’s happening .”

When asked why not do a film in Hindi, says Vipul, “Gujarati film industry is in doldrums these days and there are no quality films being produced. I wanted to give a quality film which is meant for urban Gujaratis. I felt a duty to to do a good   film in Gujarati.”

“If it does well then we may do the same in other languages. During the final mixing in India we got offers already to do it in Marathi.”

So were there any hassles, “No, in fact I got so much cooperation from the community, Gujarati community centre and individuals that I just can’t thank enough all those who  rallied and helped in the shooting of the film in every way. Jignesh Shah, Paresh Pandya, Gaurang Shah, Gujarati Samaj all helped wholeheartedly.”

“Even Gujarat’s Chief Minister Mr Modi sent us his blessings.”

Pardesh Ek Sapanu has mostly local cast with leading actress Druma Mehta from India and also the co-director Manish Pathak is Indian. Mahkasha Ansari of Sydney has a major role in the film.

The movie has eight songs and their lyrics and the movie dialogues have been written by well known Gujarati poet and writer Tushar Shukla. The movie will be screened at Riverside Parramatta Theatre on April 28 and at Hoyts Wetherill Park on April 29, May 5 and May 6.

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