Astha elected president of Sydney University Union

Astha Rajvanshi

20 year old Astha Rajvanshi became the president of USU, Student Union of Sydney University where she is studying media/communication combined degree.

Astha had said as she stood for the prestigious and sought-after position, “The USU is the driving force behind the vibrant student life at Sydney University. With negotiations between the union and the university underway, we are in a crucial time where our student autonomy is facing serious threat. It is very important that we together maintain a strong and independent, student-run union for the genuine understanding and protection of student needs and rights.”

Astha’s vision for the USU is a union with a new perspective, an inclusive attitude, and great determination to represent the interests of the diverse and broad range of students on campus.

Says she, “I believe that communication, whether it is between students, the university or the greater community, is fundamental to build more awareness about student issues. With that in mind, my policies strive for strong student involvement to keep an informed and cohesive student body.”

Following are some aspects that Astha and her team who voted her in concentrated as she said in her initial speech when she was chosen a member last year. Astha had bid adieu to her old union when she used her catchy slogan ”˜Astha La Vista’ and a hip hop winning song that she wrote and sang herself . Astha with her dedicated team of six promises to work towards:

  1. A trial access plan that will allow all students to explore the access card and it’s benefits on and off campus through a cheaper alternative and broader distribution.
  2. Voluntary study sessions reach out to a side of student life often overlooked by helping students to keep up with their study workload and academic pressures. It recognizes high achievers through their contributions and commitment. Finally, It allows for greater co-operation with faculties within our university, which will greatly benefit student relations.
  3. With an official charity officer in place, we can promote the union’s social responsibility and provide students a chance to support a worthy cause through fundraising events and awareness campaigns.
  4. For long-term growth of the USU we need transparency, efficiency and passion towards a bigger and better student union.

Good luck Astha!

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