DUMB, DRUNK & RACIST … are we really?

Gurmeet, Mahima, Joe, Radhika and Amer with ‘do you want to pash an Indian sign’ in Melbourne

Series premiere Wednesday 20 June at 9.30pm on ABC2

Are Australians dumb, drunk  and racist as they have been portrayed since the spat with Indian students a couple of years ago when Indian media went berserk reporting cases of Indian student bashings with TV channels reporting incidents every day.

ABC has come up with a six- half hourly series by taking four Indians on a road-trip through Australia to examine these stereotypes.

While India-Australia relationship, trade strengthens and even migration to Australia by Indians at its peak (Indian being the largest source of migrants bypassing UK and China in 2011-12), yet Australians get a bad rap overseas, and our stocks are especially low in India. In fact, a sizeable chunk of India’s 1.2 billion people think Aussies are dumb, drunk and racist. But doesn’t every country have its negative stereotypes?

In this six-part factual series, journalist Joe Hildebrand takes four Indians on a road-trip around Australia to examine our worst stereotypes ”“ are we really beer-swilling, racist bogans, or are we simply misunderstood?

Shot on location in India and across Australia, this series puts its Indian protagonists smack bang in the middle of passionate debates and immersive experiences that could change their opinion of Australia forever.

After three weeks of seeing the good, the bad and the ugly up close, will our intrepid Indian travellers still think that Australians are dumb, drunk and racist?

And what will we think of ourselves, after seeing Australia through their eyes?


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