Gangs of Wasseypur in Sydney Film Festival (June 17 12.15pm and 3.35pm shows)

Manoj Bajpai with Huma Qureshi


Anurag Kashyap’s epic, selected for Directors’ Fortnight Cannes 2012 and   in SFF’s Official competition along with 12 other movies with a $60,000 prize for the winner,   is being screened on Sunday. Its a two part film of 5 and a half hour duration.   Indian community is welcome to come and see this movie which has been getting rave reviews from Cannes Film Festival.

The movie charts the decades-long conflict between two families involved in coal mining and organised crime in Wasseypur, in the Indian state of Jharkhand. Having more in common with the films of Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola than the Indian cinema we are accustomed to, Gangs of Wasseypur is an exhilarating tale of vengeance – a thrilling, beautifully shot and extremely violent journey tracing the feud between mining magnate and politician Ramadhir Singh and the Khan family, from colonial to contemporary times. Ramadhir takes on three Khan generations beginning with the industrious Shahid Khan, then his philandering son, Sardar Khan, and then Sardar’s dope-addled son Faizal Khan. (We note the passage of time through the Bollywood films the family loves to watch.) The Khans are traditional gangsters: aggressive, brutal when necessary and flashy. Ramadhir Singh is more subtle and strategic. Referring to his rivals, he says, “Every fucker’s got his own movie playing inside his head. Every fucker is trying to become the hero of his imaginary film. As long as there are fucking movies in this country people will continue to be fooled.”

The movie is in two parts with a break in between so come prepared:

Part I: Sun 17 Jun, 12:15 PM – State Theatre, Market Street Sydney
Part II: Sun 17 Jun, 3:35 PM – State Theatre, Market Street Sydney


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