Tourism Australia launches Phase II of the ”˜There’s Nothing Like Australia’ campaign

Tourism Australia launched its global ”˜There’s Nothing like Australia’ campaign phase two on June 13 at Sydney Opera House. Having launched the initial campaign in May 2010 which has appeared in 25 countries and has been translated in 17 languages, it will now roll out in China, UK, the US and Australia initially and will target 18 key markets that include India by the end of 2012.

According to projections form the Tourism Forecasting Committee, visitors from China and India will soar over the next decade.

Australia is the first western nation to receive approved destination status from China a decade ago. Since then, the market has grown exponentially.

For India, on the other hand, the increase in visitors is pushed by faster visa processing. Australia has been working with immigration in India to facilitate this.

Tourists from China want to experience being in western culture, while tourists from India will be interested in hot air ballooning and visiting wineries as well as the major cities.

The $250m campaign features many unique Australian attractions, including the Bungle Bungles in The Kimberley, Sydney’s harbour, Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef’s Lizard and Hayman Islands, Freycinet in Tasmania and South Australia’s Kangaroo Island. Several scenes include examples of premier tourism product, a deliberate move to inspire visitors by leading with Australia’s best.

“This new campaign creative – particularly the locations and how they have been shot – clearly demonstrate Australia’s distinctive and high quality tourism products and experiences that are amongst the world’s finest,” Tourism Australia’s Chairman Managing Director Andrew McEvoy said at the launch.

Ordinary Australians have also been invited to engage with the campaign, uploading around 60,000 stories and photos to giving travelers around the world ideas and inspiration for an Australian holiday.

The campaign has proven to be an excellent platform for communicating with Tourism Australia’s target audience that Australia is a must-see destination with some of the world’s best tourism experiences.

There’s nothing like Australia was designed to be long lasting and flexible, a campaign that could evolve to stay relevant for target consumers in a highly competitive  and fast-changing global tourism environment.

After two successful years in the market the global campaign creative has been refreshed and updated to reflect current business conditions including the adoption of the Australian Government’s Tourism 202 strategy.

The next phase of the campaign highlights examples of the some of the most outstanding experiences that Australia has to offer. It shows people new ”˜news’ about Australia; challenging stereotypical views of the country.

Australia has wealth of assets, natural and man-made, that differentiate it from other destinations around the world.

Tourism Australia believes leading with Australia’s best will create a positive effect for the broader Australian Tourism industry and complement both Tourism Australia’s and the state and territory tourism organisation’s existing campaign activities and motivate people to travel and within Australia.

As with the first phase of the campaign, the second phase will focus strongly on the digital social media and advocacy channels that have become so central to researching, planning and booking holidays.



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