Community says adieu to…

Raj Kumari Bajaj

(28 December 1942 ”“ 7 July 2012)

Raj Bajaj, wife of TIDU writer, Editor of Sandesh and President of Australian Hindi Indian Association (AHIA) Mr. Santram Bajaj unexpectedly passed away on July 7 as a result of complications that arose out of a minor routine procedure of getting a stent put in the arm artery. The family is still shell-shocked as the cruel hands of destiny have left not only the close ones but the Indian community as a whole very sad, people who always received special treatment by Raj that of a loving and a close family member. To Raj the community was one big family as she was always the silent force behind her husband when the AHIA Senior wing was set up. Food cooked and served with love and all other volunteering work for the organization was done quietly yet smilingly by her and her group of friends. These ladies including Raj were recognised a couple of years ago when they were awarded the State Volunteers Awards for their untiring work. A Beautiful lady not only outwardly, Raj was a soft spoken, always welcoming, compassionate and a beautiful person on the inside. She was an excellent housewife, mother and a grandmother who guided her children as a devoted parent yet was a great friend and a confidante. She loved gardening and always distributed orchids and was referred to as the ”˜Orchid Lady’ by friends and the community. She would generously distribute fruits and other crops from her vege patch on which she worked diligently every day. There was an old time charm and care and concern in her character and as her husband of fifty years Santram put it at her funeral ceremony which was attended by a huge number of friends, “A wife like Raj, they don’t make any more.”

Raj Bajaj will be sorely missed by all ”“ by those who knew her closely or even those who had a small encounter and knew her faintly. Her smiling, kind face left impression on everyone who came across her.

Bajaj family has organized a Paath and a Kirtan ceremony followed by langar at Revesby Gurdwara, River Rd on Saturday July 28 at 10am to offer prayers for Raj’s departed soul.

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