Ozindcare appeals for Manoj Kumar Masih’s family

This is an appeal for the family of Manoj Kumar Masih who was recently killed in a car accident on the corner of Hume highway and Cumberland highway. Like any other migrant, Manoj left his village in Punjab and migrated to Australia five years back with the hope of supporting his family back in India and of starting a family of his own.

Tragically, on the 26th of June at 11am, he was at the traffic lights waiting for it to go green when a truck carrying a heavy load hit the median and up turned its cargo and crushed Manoj’s car to pieces and instantly killed him. He is survived by his wife and eight month old child. His father is here on a visiting visa and has been here for the past three months. While we are left in despair at the unravelling events, let us give generously to support the immediate needs of this family. Ozindcare has decided to donate $1000 towards the funeral expenses. Money is also needed to bring the wife’s parents and Manoj’s sister from India. Please remember too that he was the main bread winner for his struggling family in India. The expected expenses for the funeral are unclear, but it is anticipated that $15,000 will be needed to cover just the above said expenses. Please contribute for this benevolent cause and help one of our own in a time of such extreme suffering, please donate to Ozindcare’s appeal for Manoj Kumar Masih. All your contributions will be personally given to the family. We will be visiting the family this week and will keep you informed of how your contributions have helped in providing relief for the family. Meanwhile, please remember the deceased and the grieving family in your prayers. Let us hope that the community can come together to mobilise funds for a just cause. Thanking you for your contributions in anticipation Anita Kurien For Ozindcare
Ozindcare’s account details are:
Bank: St George Account name:
Ozindcare Inc. Account no: 043925871
BSB: 112 879
When you remit the amount to the above acct, please include your name and state that it is for “Manoj Kumar Masih appeal”.

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