”˜To Sydney with love’ ”“ a gift of love from an Indian student

You’d have to fall in love because it is from Sydney ”“ soon to be released Bollywood movie ”˜To Sydney with Love’ which was shot few months ago on Sydney locations. Its a romantic comedy that tells the story of an Indian woman who goes to the University of New South Wales on a scholarship. As the film was borne out of the positive experience Indian producer/director Prateek Chakravorty had while studying in Australia he wanted to tell the positive experiences he had through his debut movie. So while the Indian student saga is still a dark memory the movie ”˜To Sydney with Love’ tries to look at the sunny side as students seem to be having fun time in Sydney ”“ singing and falling in love.

Besides this is the first movie which not only uses a name of city but also gives Australia the positive image it badly needs in India. To be seen by millions of Bollywood fans with bill boards and movie posters all around India the movie will try to portray Sydney definitely in new light. The movie hits the screens on July 27.

Bidita Bag in ‘To Sydney with Love’

The movie has everything ”“ Sydney landscape, the sun, beach, opera house and the romance and songs that would keep all rocking. The music album of the movie has India mesmerized as it kicks off with the title track “Feeling love in Sydney” with the listener welcomed by the aboriginal Didgeridoo. The track renders a hip-hop feel and some good electronic sounds have been added to keep one grooving. Chorus is extremely good with backing vocals by Roshni Baptist, but it is Sohail’s voice that steals the show. Mohit Chauhan’s ”˜Ho Jayega’ and Mika Singh’s ”˜Khataka Khataka’ manage to bring out the sensation of love and dance with another beautiful song by Palak ”˜Naino Re’. And the track “Pyaari Pyaari”, where Thor Patridge and Nabin Laskar dole out a reggae composition by joining Sohail Sen. Brooklyn Shanti gives you a taste of Calypso, a style of Afro-Caribbean music that originated in Trinidad and Tobago, albeit with some Bengali lyrics here and there.

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“From Sydney with Love”; Music Director: Sohail Sen, Thor Patridge and Nabin Laskar; Singers: Sohail Sen, Roshni Baptist,Mohit Chauhan, Monali Thakur Mika Singh, Palak, Neeraj Sridhar, Brooklyn Shanti

Star Cast:

Sharad Malhotra…. Rohit Khurana

Bidita Bag…. Meghaa Banerjee

Prateek Chakravorty…. Raj Bakshi

Evelyn Sharma…. Lubaina Snyder

Karan Sagoo…. Suhail Syed

Reshmi Ghosh…. Kalpana Chatterjee


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