Every Woman. Every 2 years…

Make an appointment to protect yourself from cervical cancer today.

Cancer Council Victoria is running a campaign encouraging all Indian women who have never had or are due for a Pap test to book an appointment today to protect themselves against cervical cancer.

All women aged 18 to 70 who have ever had sexual contact are encouraged to have a Pap test every two years. A Pap test is a simple check that looks for cell changes on the cervix that may lead to cervical cancer if left untreated.

Both the test and the results are confidential and it is fine to ask for a female family doctor or nurse to perform the test if you prefer.

“Regular Pap tests are recommended even if you are currently single or widowed, or have only had one partner. Pap tests are also just as important after menopause,” said Hiranthi Perera, PapScreen Victoria Manager.

“In Australia we are very fortunate that women can have Pap tests, and therefore the opportunity to protect themselves from cervical cancer. In countries with no Pap test program, many more women develop and die from cervical cancer.”

“We appreciate there are lots of women who have moved to Australia from other countries and may never have heard of a Pap test. That’s why we want to educate all women about the importance of Pap tests, and encourage them to take advantage of this life-saving program,” said Ms Perera.

The name of the campaign ”˜Every woman, every 2 years’ emphasises the importance of regular Pap tests. Most women diagnosed with cervical cancer have either never had a Pap test, or not had them regularly.

A doctor or specially trained nurse can do a Pap test in just a few minutes. To make an appointment for a Pap test contact your family doctor or nurse, or ask your community health worker.

For more information about Pap tests in Hindi call the Cancer Council’s Multilingual Helpline by phoning 13 14 50 and saying what language you need.

Cancer Council can also help you find a doctor or nurse who speaks Hindi at a clinic near you.


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