Famous langha singer Bachu Khan comes to Melbourne on November 18

AWME 2012  is four days of showcasing in Melbourne the finest roots music from around the world. AWME presents Bachu Khan ”“ famous Langha singer from Rajasthan at  Arts Centre Melbourne, Playhouse, 100 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, Sunday, 18 November 2012 at 6.30pm ”“ 9.00pm

Hailing from the Thar Desert in Rajasthan, Bachu Khan is a famed Langha singer, renowned for his high-pitched, open throated, rustic voice. His accompanying musicians play traditional instruments such as the Sarangi, Murli, Surnai, Algoza, Morchang, and Khartal. Langha compositions speak of the loss of separation, the joy of unison and the magical love stories that are an indelible part of the culture of Rajasthan. Bachu Khan is an internationally recognised artist and has performed and collaborated with artists in Germany, England, Japan,

USA, Canada, Spain, Russia, Hungary and Malaysia.

Instrumentation: Bachu Khan РVocal, indian harmonium ӬSarangi Player Рsarangi ӬAlgoza Player РAlgoza ӬKhadtaal Player Рkhadtaal ӬBacking Vocalist РVocal

Price:                 $55   TICKETS ON SALE NOW!
Bookings:     1300 182 183* www.artscentremelbourne.com.au* *Transaction fee applies  



AWME 2012

Dates  15 ”“ 18 November 2012

Venues  Arts Centre Melbourne, The Hi-Fi, Lounge, Toff in Town and Ding Dong Lounge

Web  www.awme.com.au


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