PM Julia Gillard honours Sachin Tendulkar as she talks about uranium sale to India

Australia‚Äôs refusal to sell uranium to India had been an “obstacle” to getting a larger slice of the benefits of the booming Indian economy, Prime Minister Julia Gillard said on her visit to India as reported by The Australian newspaper.

Arriving in New Delhi for a three-day state visit, the PM said the rise of the Indian middle-class would play a big role in Australia’s future.

She played down concerns by anti-nuclear campaigners that selling uranium would lead to a build up of weapons in Asia.

Ms Gillard said Australia would negotiate safeguards that would be backed by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

She said Australian uranium would only be used for peaceful purposes and it was in India’s interests to have a robust and safe nuclear industry.

Ms Gillard also honoured cricketer Sachin Tendulkar by saying that he will be conferred Order of Australia Award, “This is a very special honour, very rarely awarded to someone who is not an Australian citizen or an Australian national.” The Prime Minister revealed the rare honour during a visit to New Delhi, where she met with children in a slum playing cricket.




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