Long Live Nirbhaya

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Nirbhaya’s ashes have not cooled down yet there are still rapes and gang rapes happening all over India. Although this girl who had everything to look for in life, a supportive family that helped their daughters’ ambition to study a medical profession, Nirbhaya had fought bravely with six drunk and armed men alone as her friend lay unconscious in the back of the bus having been beaten by the same iron rod. Having come out of cinema hall after seeing the movie ”˜Life of Pi’, Nirbhaya was brave like the protagonist of the film ”˜Pi’ Patel himself who lives with a Bengal Tiger in a lonely boat drifting on the sea for 227 days. The epiphanous journey of Pi resembles Nirbhaya’s who faced an atrocious situation, though she suffered but her brave struggle pursued afterwards in the hospital where she lay struggling to live and tell her story to the world bringing an enlightening realization to the horrible treatment of Indian women as whole of India rose against the injustice reminding that the law, the police are the puppet in the hands of few who care not a bit what goes on or happens to common man or woman on the streets. If Sonia Gandhi had spoken earlier by coming up on the street would she not be in danger herself, or even the PM or the President whose son of no political standing made callous comments as his sisters apologized to the women of India.

Nirbhaya has brought on an awareness, a certain boldness in people who otherwise meekly go about in life working for their next meal while the leaders of the country debate and discuss and look for ways to sell country’s assets and fill their big fat pockets. People have not the courage to stand up and fight for injustices being carried out as protests are barred from areas, protesters scattered with teargas and water cannon ”“ it’s a clear depiction of dictatorship like what happened with student rebellion in China at the Tiananmen Square. Is India any less? We should hang our heads in shame of how we have treated Nirbhaya ”“ a lone girl who faced six animals in that fateful journey on the night of December 16. Although Pi befriended the Tiger ”“ the demon, Nirbhaya could not as she had six demons to fight with. Battered and thrown half naked off the bus, the police watched on and let the bus drive through and when reported the spineless politicians did not even have the courage to come forward and speak. Now since she has found peace in the lap of God, then our President Mr Pranab Mukherjee comes forward and pays his condolences. And so does Sonia Gandhi and so does Mr Man Mohan Singh, our PM.

Official statistics show that Delhi is India’s “rape capital”, with 414 rapes in 2010 and more than 600 this year. Only one in three reported cases ends in a conviction. Many police officers believe that victims are to blame, and campaigners say victims are so afraid of the police that only one in 50 rapes is registered.

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We should not ever forget the sacrifices of women of the likes of Nirbhaya and call the movement Nirbhaya Movement or even a political party called Nirbhaya Party as already people are saying that Nirbhaya’s sacrifice will soon be forgotten as we go back to going about our lives, unsafe, unprotected and always in danger. Reforms will happen when they happen, police will also still keep on serving the politicians, people will fight against the crimes alone by themselves on the streets, the mindset of men against women will take ages to change, yet we should be determined never ever to forget that a girl named Nirbhaya by us all went through the torture she went through. We must never forget her sacrifice and bring the change and fight for that change. So that women in India are not killed in the womb, so that women in India are not raped and gang raped, so that women in India are not beaten, burned and tortured for dowry demands and that they are given equal respect they deserve. Long live Nirbhaya!

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