Actress Shabana Azmi in play ”˜Broken Images’ in Sydney on April 5

Broken Images

Shabana Azmi in play ‘Broken Images’

Shabana Azmi, talented Indian actress, is on her way to Australia to perform in a play titled ”˜Broken Images’ Directed by Alyque Padamsee the play is of 60 minute duration and is in English language. Shabana, known for her flawless performances in Tumhari Amrita, Kaifi Aur Main, is really coming to Australia this time as Sydney has been waiting since last time when she was supposed to come and perform in ”˜Tumahari Amrita’ with Farooq Shaikh, a play which somehow did not work out for Sydney. Now Sydneysiders eagerly wait for ”˜Broken Images’ and says its director Alyque, “It’s a play from the heart and since Australians are ”˜people of the heart’, I am sure they will really appreciate it.”

Written by Girish Karnad, ”˜Broken Images’ is about two people as Shabana Azmi handles the dual roles surprisingly well.

The play begins on a light and humorous note, as it introduces writer Manjula Sharma (Azmi) to the audience. When Manjula, a mediocre writer in Hindi, suddenly gets international acclaim and popularity for a book that she writes in English, she eventually starts wondering if she has betrayed her own language and identity. From a casual ambiance, as the act progresses around Manjula’s character and her life, it turns into a thriller which leaves the viewers very unsettled.
Shabana Azmi essays two roles, rather two facets of one character and the constant dialogue between them is possible due to digital technology used on stage as it builds up to a captivating climax. The sets are minimalistic, with more emphasis on the lighting and that works in favour of the story. Broken Images is a short, gripping and flawless performance by the greatest actress that Sydney has been waiting for a long time to come.

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