Increase in single senior pension of $35.80 and combined couple income by $54.00 per fortnight

Labor has delivered local pensioners a boost to their household budgets by increasing the senior pension.

Member for Parramatta Julie Owens said more than 22,900 local pensioners are now receiving an increase in their pension as well as the new Clean Energy Supplement.

Single pensioners on the maximum rate are now receiving an extra $35.80 per fortnight, and pensioner couples on the maximum rate are receiving an extra $54.00 per fortnight combined.

The increased total pension payment for people on the maximum rate is now:


ï‚· $808.40 a fortnight for singles, and

ï‚· $1,218.80 a fortnight for couples combined.


“Labor is delivering for our local pensioners because we know they have the least room to move in their budgets,” Ms Owens said.

“This boost helps make sure our local pensioners can keep on top of things when the bills arrive.”

The new Clean Energy Supplement, which is part of the Household Assistance Package, will now be paid fortnightly along with the pension, at a rate of $13.50 per fortnight for singles and $20.40 a fortnight for couples combined.

Ms Owens said Labor’s pension reforms and the new Clean Energy Supplement meant the maximum rate of the single pension was now $207 a fortnight higher than it was in September 2009.

“This Labor Government has delivered the single biggest pension increase in more than 100 years, we’ve improved the indexation system, and now we’re providing another important boost with the new Clean Energy Supplement,” Ms Owens said.

“In contrast, Tony Abbott and the Liberals have promised to claw back every cent of the support Labor is delivering pensioners under the Household Assistance Package.

“This means every single pensioner in Parramatta ”“ almost 23,000 people ”“ would lose hundreds of dollars a year under an Abbott Government.

“Tony Abbott will claw back more than $350 year from single pensioners and more than $530 a year from pensioner couples living in Parramatta.

“Local pensioners rely on this extra support from the Labor Government. They can’t trust Tony Abbott to provide it.”

Old Toongabbie resident Phillip, who receives the couple rate of the Age Pension with his wife, said that $54 dollars per fortnight more for them meant they could continue to live with a bit of dignity.

Recalling living as a pensioner under the Howard Government, Phillip said they had to scrimp to make a living back then, including using their savings. “It was rubbish”, he said. “But when Labor took over, now, in the last 4 years, we don’t make a profit but we start to be able to pay our bills, pay our rates, eat decent food and run our car.”

The pension increase applies to people receiving the Age Pension, the maximum rate Disability Pension, and Carer Payment, as well as veterans’ income support recipients.

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