Indian Seniors laugh, sing and socially connect during Seniors Week

Copy of Seniors Week 1 mummies

Mr & Mrs Behl (right) were the winning couple

Copy of Seniors Week 2 mummies

Copy of Seniors Week 3 LYoga

ISG Hornsby enjoys laughter yoga

Copy of Seniors Week 4 Mahesh Trivedi

Mahesh Trivedi (right) with Dave Passi, Sharda and Darshan

By Neena Badhwar

Is there any stopping to members of Indian Seniors Group Hornsby to doing things in the technologically advanced world of today? Not really as when The Indian Down Under visited them at Pennant Hills Leisure and Learning Centre, the members were being given a detailed presentation on how the young seniors as well as the very old can stay in touch with each other through techonology and interact through social media such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, My Space and Youtube. The presentation given by Mahesh Trivedi of True Blessings, who also teaches at UTS, Sydney, introduced the audience to the joys of Facebook and Twitter and Blogging ”“ so that they feel connected to the world and “Not just sit and chant the name of God as you are just about to go up in the heavens since you are old”¦,” said Mahesh.

“You may be old”¦but you are not out”¦as the world is your oyster. Do not be afraid, as nothing gets destroyed or damaged in computers. Be bold and go ahead and join the social media which is now quite active with seniors as more than 50 % of seniors are now either blogging, Facebooking and are on LinkedIn where they are able to find part time work in the area of their expertise,” said Mahesh, who says that he could never ever imagine publishing a book, but he did, with the help of Kindle and now has his eyes set on making it the most sold book. And Mahesh said that all the material came from the people who connected to his blog ”“ Esatsang and True Blessings ”“ which gave him enough material for his book ”˜True Blessings’.

President of ISG, Hornsby, Dave Passi, being of IT background, is slowly yet gently taking all the members of association towards the technological era and says, “It is important to be part of the social network rather than isolating oneself during the aging years. We must stay active not just physically but mentally as well as there is a lot more to learn from the net and stay connected to the world out there, your friends and family.”

As members mixed and mingled on lunch there were other activities planned such as ”˜who will be able to make the best ”˜mummy’ ”“ not Indian but Egyptian of their partner using toilet paper rolls.’ And in two rounds of game there were two winners ”“ Mr and Mrs Behl and Santosh Verma and her friend Lalita. And that was not all as Kylie Willows ”“ a trained Laughter Yoga teacher from Laughter Yoga Australia did a laughter yoga session with the seniors as we are sure that all the seniors went home laughing. Kylie believes that laughter yoga is about getting in touch with your natural and healthy desire to laugh freely and that the exercises help seniors to release stress and help achieve overall physical and mental well being. Isn’t that what we want to achieve in our old age ”“ stay active, laugh a little and socially interact with our friends”¦the ISGH, during the Seniors Week, achieved all these.

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