”˜Know India Program’ for Indian diaspora youth


The Consulate has announced details regarding the “Know India Programme” (KIP) for Diaspora youth for the year 2013 conducted by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA).     KIP has gained in popularity over the years. The next three Know India Programmes to be conducted by the MOIA during 2013-14 will have Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Orissa as the partner States. Details are as follows:


KIP Edition Tentative Period Partner State Last date for receipt of
nominations at the Indian Consulate
24th KIP 25th April, 2013 ”“ 15th May, 2013 Uttar Pradesh 15th March, 2013
25th KIP 29th August, 2013   ”“ 18th September, 2013 Punjab 5th July, 2013
26th KIP 23rd December, 2013 ”“ 12th January, 2014 Orissa 23th October, 2013



2.   Guidelines and application form for these programmes are attached at Annexure – I & Annexure – II respectively. Exact dates for these programmes would be conveyed at least a month before their commencement.


3.                 The following may be noted in this regard:


i.               This programme is open only for the diaspora youth in the age group of 18-26  years.   NRIs are not eligible to apply for this programme.

ii.               It is open to PIOs from all over the world.

iii.               Only those nominations may be forwarded to this Ministry which are in accordance with the prescribed guidelines. Nominations are required to be forwarded to the Consulate General of India, Melbourne, for consideration and onward transmission to MOIA.

iv.               Applicants should adhere to the deadlines.

v.               List of applicants who have been selected for a particular Know India Programme would be communicated at least a month before its commencement.

vi.               Selected participants would be required to purchase air ticket for their journey from the country of residence to India and back, as per the schedule prescribed by the Ministry. The Consulate would reimburse 90% (ninety percent) of the total cost of air ticket (at lowest economy excursion fare) to the participants on successful completion of the programme by them.


4.           Details of these Programmes would also be available on the website of this Ministry i.e. http://moia.gov.in


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