Message from Prime Minister Julia Gillard for HOLI FESTIVAL 2013


Julia Gillard

Prime Minister Julia Gillard welcomed in India on her trip there last year

It is with great pleasure that I send my best wishes to everyone celebrating this year’s Holi festival.

Holi is an enjoyable, fun-filled occasion for Hindus everywhere. Traditionally a celebration of changing seasons, this festival marked the transition from the cold, dark days of Winter to the warmth, colour and hope of Spring’s bountiful harvests.

Today, it is a time for rejoicing and soaring spirits; for singing, dancing, feasting and that quintessential Holi tradition of throwing coloured powder.

Here in Australia, it is a time for our Hindu community to reflect and reconnect with other followers around the world. And through these rituals, Holi remains a vibrant strand in our brilliant multicultural tapestry.

As you participate with loved ones, I wish to pay tribute to Australian Hindus for all you have done to shape the strong and successful nation we enjoy today.

Australia’s story is strongly influenced by the individual narratives of its people, from all backgrounds, cultures, customs and religions. This diversity is of great value and reinforces our ties with the region and the world around us.

So to our Hindu friends, in Australia and overseas, I wish you all a happy and fun-filled Holi and best wishes for the days ahead.

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