Bombay Jayshri, classical singer and lyricist of Oscar nominated Life of Pi’s “Pi’s Lullaby” comes to Sydney for a concert

Bombay Jayshri

Bombay Jayshri at the Oscars this year

Bombay Jayashri embodies Indian music like superstars do their genres. She represents the emerging new generation musician belonging to the world. She is deeply classical, uncompromising in adherence to the core tradition of Carnatic music, yet ceaselessly seeking avenues to give and take in equal measure from world music. She was “rigourously and affectionately”, as she puts it, trained by the Indian violin maestro Lalgudi Jayaraman.

She renders her music with emotion, aesthetics and technical perfection, providing a sense of live creation of the moment to her listeners. Her concerts are powerful — riveting music, each note better than the last time she sang it, not a note unresearched, not a note not taken to its apogee. Melody is her hallmark; she is known for keeping the melody intact despite the intensity, physical and intellectual demands made by classical music.

Jayashri is a rare musician who can hold in equal thrall seasoned Indian classical music audiences and a music  aficionado anywhere in the world. True to this, she has travelled extensively around the globe, delivering Carnatic music concerts to her ever growing fans.

February 26 was another moment of highlight in Jayshri’s classical journey. She was at the Oscar ceremony clad in her tradition red silk sari as “Kanne Kannmaniye”, the title song sung by her for “Life of Pi”, had won her the Oscar nomination.

[youtube sTuUWlI43og]

Bombay Jayshri comes to Sydney for a live concert at Sydney Opera House where she will be accompanied on the Violin by H N Bhaskar, Mridangam by V V Ramana Murthy and Ghatam by Giridhar Udupa.

The concert is presented by Bhoomija, a Bangalore based Trust dedicated to showcasing Indian performing arts in India and abroad.

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